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About us

Afilms is a production company specialized in audiovisual creation and production of movies, TV commercials, music videos and web branded content.

From the first idea to the delivery, Afilms' team develops the creative and technical aspects of preproduction and post-production, as well as specific tasks as support for an ongoing production.

Afilms understands Cinema and Audiovisual Media as a bidirectional channel that perpetuates culture through ideas and expands the limits of the collective imaginary. At the same time, it is the artistic discipline where scenic arts, music, photography, painting and poetry convey in the most efficient and solid mean of cultural transmission. For this purpose, Afilms has as a goal to create a sustainable production system where innovative projects are created locally or globally for the movie theaters, TV, or the Internet.


Social Action, Sitcom, Short Film, Science Fiction, Observational Documentary, Music Video, Feature Film, Entertainment, Dramedy, Drama Television Serial, Drama Reconstruction, Documentary, Docudrama, Digital Storytelling, Corporate, Commercial, Arts

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