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4 Elements Music is a boutique production music library you can find online at www.4elementsmusic.com. Rob Reale, a Tony nominated theater, film and television composer created the library in 2009 with a number of his talented peers out his solo library, 8118 Music. You’ve heard our composers’ work in Hollywood blockbusters, Broadway plays and also in the clubs of New York but the cues they score for us are exclusive to the 4 Elements library. Our staff of Music Supervisors is also available to save you time in searching for the perfect cut. They will provide a project playlist to download via our website or hand deliver a cd to your New York office within hours of a phone call. We provide all of this for no extra cost and with no guarantee that our music will be used, though it usually is. Visit our site to hear the music and experience the search engine designed with direct input from producers and editors on how they want to search for and organize their music. We are priced very competitively and would be happy to talk to you about your custom scoring needs as well. Feel free to call us anytime!



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