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I would like to introduce myself to you.
I am Linda K. Carr, owner of 3D Transcription Service in Austin, Texas. I consider myself to be an excellent Transcriptionist/Transcriber of audio files, MP3 files, WAV files, MOV files, QuickTime files, etc.
I have recently added four [4] Executive Assistants to "My Team" for the company for General transcription, and one [1] Executive Assistant for Spanish recordings, and she can create a Spanish Transcript, or an English Transcript from Spanish recording.

I am presently looking to expand my clientele base, and looking for additional projects, corporate clients, individual clients, etcetera.

I have a home office setup at my residence, and am available full-time, anytime to take care of your Transcription projects. My Team and I can complete any "Special Projects" that you might have.
My company has been operating since 2006.

I type 80 WPM, and I consider myself to be very organized, a self-starter, detail-oriented, and very efficient transcriptionist, and have over 40 years in the Administrative field, working for attorneys, and the state government.

My Team- and I can transcribe from audio files in the format of a MP3 file, MP4 file, Quicktime Movie file, WAV file, WAM file, etcetera. There are several different files that my transcription software will accept.

We use Dropbox Software for receiving the audio files, and I create a Folder for you and I to share, for sending the audio files, and also for you receiving the Completed Transcripts.
"Quick-Turnarounds" are our specialty, and I charge an extra twenty-five [25] percent for 'Quick-Turnarounds'.

My Team and I can also receive a MOV audio file, or QuickTime movie file, and insert time code frames into the Transcript to match the "Time Stamping" on the actual Video file frames. Some of my present video clients want a time stamping before and after a person speaks, and then when the dialogue is long, we insert a time stamping every 30 seconds of that particular dialogue.

We look forward to working with you in the future.

Thanking you in advance,

Linda K. Carr
Phone: 1-214-793-7473 [Cell Phone]
Email: lindalkcarr@austin.rr.com
Website: www.lindalkcarr.wix.com/3dtranscription

Transcription from MP3 files, WAV files, WAM files, MOV files [with timecode insertion] etc.
Insertion of Time Codes into document, upon request.
Quick-Turnarounds are my specialty.
Spanish Transcripts from Spanish recordings, and also English Transcripts from Spanish recording.

Use DropBox, which enables linking folders together without using emails and ftp sites, upon request, to receive all audio files from clients.

Owner - Transcriptionist - 3D Transcription Service
3D Transcription Service - Home Based Business in Austin, Tx
January 2006 -- Present (6 years 8 months) Austin, Texas Area


Travel, Talk, Short Film, Live TV, Leisure, Investigative, Historical Documentary, Feature Film, Entertainment, Documentary, Digital Storytelling, Corporate, Business

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