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Founded in 2002, 1iota Productions is a production company marrying entertainment and fans in a way unparalleled in our industry. From logistics and production management, to fan curation and content production, 1iota Productions is a 360-degree solution for any and all event production needs.

The connective tissue of the 1iota Productions world is our Fan Ticketing Platform, 1iota.com. 1iota.com is the premiere destination for ticketing to hundreds of spectacular 1iota events annually. Through these events, fans often get the opportunity to break down the fourth wall and connect with shows, tv/movie stars and athletes in a way otherwise not possible.

From simple ticketing and audience logistics, to original content creation (on-site or in our own studio), all the way to full-service production, 1iota Productions has the tools and the experience to deliver exactly what you need.

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