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I am producing a 30 second PSA supporting the President's position on universal health care and need an imaginative, creative researcher to pull clips from the internet and any other resource for the next few days to a week. This is a job that could be done remotely if necessary, but working out of the production facility is preferred. Having a laptop with wireless capabilities will be essential for this. There is no pay for this job but I can feed you and you could of course have a copy of the PSA once it's done. The good news is that the deadline for this job is next weekend (I'm hoping to ship on Friday the 16th) and it is only a 30 second spot. So only so many clips will be needed. This PSA will be depicting the many ways we incorporate God into our lives as Americans, from celebrating a touchdown to the being sworn in on the witness stand to placing Him at the center of our most heated debates. So like I said, bring your imagination and we'll make a great piece.

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