Michelle Barnes

Last updated on 05/23/12

Creative mastermind. Logistical warrior.


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Credits and Employment History

A talented and creative writer, producer and award-winning filmmaker who has received option offers on two TV shows. The charismatic daughter of a psychiatrist with writing chops on all sorts of project types: scripted and unscripted TV and film as well as print and social media. And, finally, the eldest of seven children, who grew up on a farm in Florida, was once struck by lightning, and has dazzling capabilities.

2004 - present
Wrote pitches, one-sheets, treatments and show bibles for a variety of shows. Pitched to numerous networks and production companies (Planet Green, E!, OWN, History, Food Network, Cooking, Fine Living, Travel Channel)
- optioned 2 shows, 1 went to pilot at E!

Multiple companies
2007 - present
Wrote websites, press releases, pitch letters, marketing materials, form emails, campaigns, social media, and more for a variety of companies.
- 6DCP (anti-counterfeit technology) www.6dcp.com
- CraftyApes (visual effects) www.craftyapes.com
- Epic Step (crowd-funded billboards) www.epicstep.com
- A. Horton Logistics (transportation) www.ahortonlogistics.com
- Enormous Nuclear Potato (film) www.potatomovie.com (site is down)
- The Avid Editor (post production) www.theavideditor.com (site is down)

Spice It Up With Saga, sizzle reel
5/11 – 8/11
Worked with talent/producer on new sizzle
-Wrote script
-Consulted on performance, camera, post
-Pitched to Food, OWN, and Cooking Channel

3 Little Birds, Sky Girls, scripted 1-hour comedy-drama,
6/9 - 3/11
Created and wrote everything for this period piece in the vein of Sex and the City with two amazing partners. Received option offer from a well-known production company, and was well on my way to making history, until Pan Am, a competing show, was announced by ABC and the sh*t hit the fan.
- Wrote script
- Created show bible/treatment
- Wrote promo piece/emergency seat back card
- Pitched to networks and production companies

Body Ecology health series for web and TVSN Australia
11/08 - 6/10
Oversaw all creative and logistics for 6-episode series.
- Wrote scripts and interview questions
- Supervised story in field and edit bay
- Directed cameras and talent
- Hired and supervised crew and vendors. Also, negotiated rates.

Enormous Nuclear Potato, Get Bruno Productions
1/08 - 1/10
I was the visionary behind it all. Oversaw all creative and logistics for campy award-winning 16mm film which has shown in a dozen film festivals worldwide.
- Wrote script, treatment, outline, and synopsis.
- Wrote marketing materials and website
- Casting for 15 principals – scouted talent throughout Florida at drama classes, acting schools, etc.
- Directed cameras and talent
- Extensive producing – hired crew of 60, created & managed budget, worked with local film commissions and law enforcement to close down streets for mock parade, use Historical Landmark for location, etc.

Amaze Me and Rocket Racing League, A. Smith & Co., E! Entertainment
11/06 - 1/07
Worked with Producer to produce reality competition pilot. Post produced high-impact hard-hitting promo.
-Extensive casting of celebrity and non-celebrity magicians
-Heavy internet researcher
-Logistics during pre-production through post
-Post/story produced promo with editor

25 Biggest Landscaping Mistakes and The Fixer, HGTV
9/07 - 1/08
Worked as Producer and Editor in bay on 2 shows for HGTV.
-Selected bites
-Crafted story and episode arc
-Worked on Avid to create stringout and edit. Added music, effects, color correction, green screen, titles, imported graphics, etc.

Everyday Angels, Comcast San Francisco, charity videos
8/07 - 9/07
Consulted on VO, scripts, directing, interviews, editing.

Drinking Buddies pilot, Falstaff Films
2/07 - 4/07
Oversaw entire production for this docu-style travel show TV pilot.
- Directed cameras and talent
- Identified crew needs and hired crew
- Created and managed budget
- Field coordinated
- Scouted and secured locations
- Oversaw edit

The Chelsea Handler Show, The Jay & Tony Show
5/06 - 8/06
Oversaw all aspects of my segments
- Cast reality talent
- Scouted and booked locations
- Oversaw releases
- Oversaw wardrobe and props
- Directed cameras and talent

The Chelsea Handler Show, The Jay & Tony Show, E!
2/06 - 5/06
Coordinated comedy variety show, then promoted to Segment Producer.
- Oversaw logistics for studio and segments.
- Identified crew and equipment needs, negotiated rates, hired crew and booked vendors
- Created Call Sheets, Daily Production Schedules, and Production Reports
- Oversaw staff of 5 PA's.
- Put segments together, from props and wardrobe to talent and locations
- Oversaw releases, paperwork, crew meals, schedules, travel, etc.
- Rented vehicles and equipment

Party @ The Palms, E!
8/05 – 11/05
Managed on 10-episode location-heavy reality series shot all over Las Vegas and Los Angeles.
- Oversaw 5 PA's and 2 Coordinators
- Created Daily Production Schedules for 2 separate camera crews
- Created Transportation Schedules for up to 70 people
- Oversaw Call Sheets, and created Production Reports
- Stayed ahead of quickly changing needs and managed budget as needed, handled deliverables for network
- Extensive travel arrangements
- Heavy logistics

E! Networks (E! Entertainment and The Style Network)
8/04 - 8/05
Tracked projects through pilot and series phase, including managing a wide range of productions –studio-based, comedy, travel, location, docu/reality, etc.
- Extensive interdepartmental communication: Post, Production Management, Business & Legal, Rights & Clearances, On-Air Design, Talent, AP, etc.
- Managed productions for multiple shows simultaneously, including: tracking and scheduling, overseeing sizzle reels, talking with talent and agents, overseeing travel, production coordination on set, tracking costs, hiring crew and booking equipment, locations and post production, etc.
- Heavy phone and email traffic – stayed ahead of quickly shifting priorities.
- Overseeing PA's, hiring and training interns.
- Network Liaison – reported to Production Management and Development departments to ensure all network and show requirements were met.
- Producing in edit bay

Industry Awards

Best Comedy at High Desert Shorts

Special Jury Prize at Spudfest.


Master of Fine Arts Film/TV Production (4.0 GPA),

Chapman University; Orange, CA.

Bachelor of Arts Mass Communication

University of South Florida; Tampa, FL.

Technical Equipment

Avid; Movie Magic Scheduling & Budgeting; Screenwriter; Final Draft; Final Cut; Cameras: 35mm, 16mm, HD, DV, Mini-DV, Beta; Photoshop; Illustrator; InDesign; grip & lighting gear.

Other Skills/Additional Information

Creative mastermind – muahahahaha!; Highly motivated; Skilled leader and team player; Extremely resourceful, Very knowledgeable about equipment, marketing, advertising, development, production, social media, and web production. Amateur artist: painter, illustrator, designer, sculptor, photographer; Cattle wrangler; Water skier; Collector of instruments I never play: bass guitar, banjo, African drums; Experienced with Screenwriter, Final Draft, Photoshop, Illustrator and more; Lover of the colors blue and red; Gator alumnus; creator of sometimes outrageously wonderful or sometimes unbelievably horrible food; attender of boarding school; one-time alligator hunter, but lover of animals (I thought they were just going to catch them and take them elsewhere); orange grove worker; lover of physics; excellent communicator, and maniacal dancer.