John Allardice

Last updated on 10/21/16

John Allardice started back in the UK, more years ago than he cares to remember, in traditional visual effects. Miniature construction and shooting, pyrotechnics, real old school stuff. He then moved into live action, as an editor, DP and Director. One of the early practitioners of photoreal CG in … Read more


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Credits and Employment History

Creative Director
Intelligent Species
January 2008 – Present

Directed & Edited Microsoft / 343 industries' HALO: XBOX ONE initial announcement trailer, and acted as Digital Director of Photography on the 'Halo 4:Spartan Ops' digital series and the Alien: Isolation ‘Improvise’ trailer.
Director, DP, Virtual DP & Vfx Supervisor on commercial projects and online content for a variety of clients such as Apple, Facebook, Toyota, Asus, Porsche, Sears, Olay & Acura.
Freelance previz, & postviz on a wide variety of commercial, game and feature projects, including supervising previz for Antoine Fuqua on "The Equalizer". Previz on a certain rather infamous sequence for "The Interview", supervising previz for David Fincher on “The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo” and was also involved in developing original content for Finchers’ abortive "Heavy Metal" feature film

Boxer Films
December 2008 – April 2011

Director & VFX Super on various commercial projects for a variety of automotive manufacturers such as Lexus & Jeep.
The largest project during that period was writing, directing, editing and VFX supervising Paladin...a connected series of live-action, VFX-heavy, narrative vignettes for launch of Adobes CS5 software suite.

Creative Director: Digital Content
February 2007 – October 2008

Brought in to establish a creative direction for Speedshape, who were opening a new LA
office and moving into a market unfamiliar to them (commercials).
Assembling an expert team picked from the best of LA's commercial FX houses, we made excellent headway for what amounted to a start up.
During this time I served in production, directorial and VFX capacities on projects for, among others, Sony, The US Navy, Saab, Ducati, Chevy, Ford, and Pontiac.

Sway Studios
2005 – 2007

Director and occasional VFX supervisor on a number live-action, CG and hybrid commercial projects for clients such as Pontiac, Chevy, Nissan & Hyundai.
Writing creative briefs & treatments, developing spots & campaigns in association with various agencies, and supervising teams of up to twenty artists in various disciplines.

Previs Supervisor
Digital Domain
2001 – 2005

At Digital Domain, I supervised previs and served as Digital DP on virtually all of director David Fincher's spots, developing a reputation for bringing an organic, real-world, camera style to all-CG projects.
I brought this style to bear working with other notable directors such as Noam Murro, Mark Romanek, David Kellogg, Guy Ritchie, & Rob Cohen.
During this period I was the recipient of 4 Clio Awards and 3 AICP awards for Visual Effects & Animation.

Director of Special Projects
Foundation Imaging
August 1997 – April 2001

First employed as a Visual Effects Supervisor, overseeing teams of modelers and animators on episodes of Star Trek: Voyager and Deep Space Nine.
Then moved into Roughnecks: The Starship Troopers Chronicles, as Digital DP, determining and instituting the visual style of the project, which involved training a team of 60 animators to create their shots emulating a variety of real-world camera styles (hand-held, dolly, crane, steadicam, etc.), choosing the composition, framing, lens lengths and staying with the project for the first five episodes, until the animators settled into the style of the series.
I also served as VFX supervisor for several film projects, breaking down scripts for budgeting, bidding, methodology, on set supervision and handled the shooting of any elements needed and CG supervision of the artists involved.
Moving up to the position of Director of Special Projects, I then acted as Director and DP on all in-house productions, film tests for potential projects and shorts, As well as dipping back into the Voyager and other FX teams whenever there was a need to shoot any 35mm miniature or pyro elements.
During the spring of 2001 I took a 3 month sabbatical to Direct my first feature, a $2M budgeted, independent horror, 'They Crawl'.

Digital Artist
Digital Domain
January 1997 – August 1997

Initially involved in tests for Air force One, modeling and animating F-15’s. When this
project went to Boss Films, I moved into the commercials division. Working on a variety of
national spots for Oldsmobile, Dell, Hoover, and Chevrolet. Handling animation lighting, layout
and match-moving.

Animation Maestro
team 17
1994 – 1996

Responsible for establishing and running the ‘intro’ division, which involved Writing, Directing, storyboarding & editing both live-action & animated cinematics & cut scenes for several large scale PC and Amiga releases.