Bill Brummel: Director, Show Runner, Writer, Producer

Bill Brummel

Last updated on 02/06/17


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Credits and Employment History

Selma-The Bridge to the Ballot - Producer/Writer/Director
The untold true story of a courageous group of Alabama students and teachers, who along with other activists, fight a nonviolent battle to win voting rights for African-Americans in the South. Standing in their way - a century of Jim Crow, a resistant and segregationist state, and a federal government slow to fully embrace equality. They would face intimidation, violence, jail and even murder, to achieve one of the most significant victories of the civil rights era. For The Southern Poverty Law Center

Erasing Hate - Producer/Writer/Director
Violent skinhead Bryon Widner's face, neck and hands were covered with intimidating, racist tattoos. Then he began a series of painful and extensive laser tattoo removal procedures - twenty-five treatments over the course of more than a year and a half. But the tattoo removal was just the outward sign of an inner transformation. Erasing Hate chronicles both in a film that presents a first person look inside the dark world of racist skinheads, yet offers hope in the story of one man's struggle to escape from a life of violence, addiction and bigotry. For MSNBC.

Bullied - Producer/Writer/Director
Feature documentary addresses the issue of anti-LGBT bullying. Every day, thousands of gay and lesbian students are verbally and physically harassed in schools. Jamie Nabozny, a gay teenage boy, was tormented for years by classmates. He eventually fought back. His historic federal lawsuit established that gay and lesbian students have a constitutional right to be free from harassment and bullying. For The Southern Poverty Law Center.

Viva La Causa - Producer/Writer/Director
Mistreated and exploited for decades, a small group of poor and powerless California farm workers led by Cesar Chavez, risk everything when they launch a strike and national boycott against the multimillion-dollar California grape industry. For the Southern Poverty Law Center.

Blood Diamonds - Producer/Writer/Co-Director
Two hour high-def investigative special on the role diamonds have played in funding brutal African wars. Shot on location in Sierra Leone and other parts of the world. For The History Channel.

Opus Dei Unveiled – Producer
Special uncovering the secrets, facts and myths of Opus Dei, the Catholic lay organization demonized in the novel The DaVinci Code. For The History Channel.

Standing Tall at Auschwitz – - Producer/Writer/Director
Incredible true story of a family of seven Jewish dwarf siblings. All imprisoned at Auschwitz, they are one of only two families to survive Auschwitz intact. For The History Channel.

Rwanda - Do Scars Ever Fade? – - Producer/Writer
Documentary special that examines the horrifying events, and the aftermath of 1994 Rwandan genocide. For The History Channel.

Inside Pol Pot’s Secret Prison - Producer/Co-Writer/Co-Director Documentary special that tells the horrifying story of a secret interrogation and torture center used to exterminate suspected traitors of the Khmer Rouge during the Cambodian genocide. For The History Channel.

Child Warriors – Producer/Writer/Director
Investigative documentary uncovers the escalating international crisis of the more than 300,000 children who are recruited, often kidnapped, and used as soldiers.

Celebrities in Uniform – Producer/Co-Writer
Entertaining look at the stories of several World War II era celebrities such as Jimmy Stewart, Henry Fonda and Lee Marvin, who put Hollywood on hold to serve in the military. For The Military Channel.

Mysteries of the Bermuda Triangle – Producer/Co-Writer
Two-hour special investigating the facts and myths surrounding strange accidents and disappearances of planes and ships off the coast of Florida.

Hell – The Devil’s Domain – Producer/Co-Writer
A two-hour lively and wide-ranging exploration of mankind’s enduring fascination with Hell and Satan. The program traces the evolution of our understanding of Hell and Stan through the world’s great religions, artists, poets, writers, pop culture, and non-conformists. For the History Channel.

The Ku Klux Klan: A Secret History - Producer/Writer/Director
Documentary special chronicling the harrowing history of America’s longest lived terrorist organization, from its 19th century origins to the present day.

Civil Rights Martyrs - Producer/Co-Writer
Two-hour special documenting dramatic true stories of individuals martyred in the turbulent struggles of the civil rights movement. For TLC.

First To Fight –The Black Tankers Of World War II –Producer/Co-Writer True Story of the 761st, the first all African American Armored Tank Unit to ever see combat.

Inside North Korea - Producer/Co-Writer
Documentary special examining the current North Korean nuclear weapon crisis and profiling the secretive fifty-year history of the most isolated country on earth. For The History Channel.

The Greensboro Massacre – - Producer
Documentary detailing the events and aftermath of the 1979 Ku Klux Klan killing of five anti-Klan protesters in Greensboro, North Carolina. For The History Channel.

Heaven – Producer/Co-Writer
Documentary special investigates concepts of heaven throughout history.
Soviet UFO Secrets Revealed- Producer/Co-Writer
Investigative special into fifty years of UFO sightings in Russia, and the Soviet government’s investigations into alleged sightings and alien abductions. For The History Channel.

The Nuclear Football – Producer/Co-Writer
History Channel special that uncovers the origins and history of the “nuclear football” – the briefcase that travels everywhere the President travels, and enables the President to authorize the launch of nuclear weapons from anywhere in the world. For The History Channel.
The True Story of Hidalgo – Producer/Co-Writer
An investigative special that separates fact from fiction regarding the reportedly true story of a 19th century cowboy and his horse, who are touted as to the best horse endurance racing team in history. The special coincides with the release of a major motion picture from Disney Studios on the same subject. For The History Channel.

Teen Line - Producer
Series pilot that follows a group of teenagers who field telephone calls at a real teenage crisis hotline. Pilot for MTV.

Crypts, Coffins and Corpses - Producer/Co-Writer
Special that unearths often odd and unusual burial practices throughout history. For The History Channel