Alessandro Barnett

Last updated on 06/19/15


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Credits and Employment History

Alessandro Barnett
395 South End Ave. #6L New York, NY 10280
Previous Experience
“Boston Trauma 1 hour Episode Docudrama Aug 2014-present ABC News/Primetime
“NY Med” 1 hour Episode Docudrama June 2013-Aug-2014 ABCNews/ Primetime
“Untold Lance Armstrong” 1 Hour Nat Geo Channel March 2013-may Peacock Prod/NBC
“Dead of Night” 1 Hour Discovery ID Dec-Feb 2013 Peacock Prod/NBC
“True Crime with Aphrodite” 2 episodes Discovery channel Aug-Nov 2012 Peacock Prod/NBC
“Fatal Encounters” 1 episode Discovery channel June-July 2012 Peacock Prod/NBC
“Disappeared Season 4” 2 episode Discovery channel Jan-May 2012 Peacock Prod/NBC
“Disappeared Season 3” 2 episodes Discovery ID Dec-Jan 2011 Peacock Prod/NBC
“RFK: Children of Promise” 1 hour special Discovery ID Sept-Dec 2011 Peacock Prod/NBC
“Disappeared season 2” 2 episodes Discovery ID Nov-Jan 2010 Peacock Prod/NBC
“Mysteries at the Museum” Pilot and 2nd episode Travel Ch Jan-May 2010 Peacock Prod/NBC
“ Marcus Samuelson AOL cook..” 15 mini episodes Dec –Jan 2010 AOL/Picture This
“Did the Mob kill JFK” 1 hour History Channel Aug-Nov 2010 Peacock Prod/NBC
“Criminal Mindscape” 3 episodes Discovery channel May-Aug 2010 Peacock Prod/NBC
“Disappeared” 3 episodes Discovery channel Jan-april 2009 Peacock Prod/NBC
“Shroud of Turin” Discovery Primetime Oct-Jan 2009 Darlow Smithson
"Into The Unknown " Prime Time /Discovery August-Sept 2008 Darlow Smithson
"Mystery Diagnosis" Discovery Health June- August 2008 True Entert.
“Revolving Door Syndrome” Feature Documentary March-June 2008 2 cats prod/PBS
“Promo editing for “A&E” :15,:30 Promos(HistoryChannel) Feb-ongoing 2008 A&E TV /New York
“L.A. Ink” 3 episodes Sept-Jan 2008 Original Media /TLC
“Fall from Grace” Documentary May-Sept 2007 Mogo Media/Sony
“Multiple BBC America seg” Docs. Narratives, etc Jan-May 2007 BBC / New York
“Dark Crystal” All DVD Features, Documentaries Dec-Feb 2007 Mogo Media/Sony
“Multiple BBC America seg.” Docs. Narratives, etc Aug-Dec 2006 BBC / New York
"Rocky" 30th Aniv. DVD All DVD Docs (6) 20min Segments J une-Aug2006 MogoMedia/MGM
“Honey I…..”sea.1 Multiple Episodes Jan-June 2006 BBC / New York
“Ultraviolet” Promos and Docs Nov-Dec 2005 Mogo Media/Sony
“American Prisons” Documentary Sum/Fall 2005 Paranoid films/PBS
“Shakespeare/through Lens” Documentary Summer 2005 Paranoid films/PBS
“Merchant of Venice” Documentary for DVD, Euro TV Jan-Feb 2005 Mogo Media/Sony
“HD Getaway” Season 1,Pilot promos December,2004 Kaos/Discovery
“Mega Machines” TLC Season 3, (4) 1 Hour Episodes Sept-Nov, 2004 Kaos/Discovery
“The Grudge” DVD Spots /Promos and DVD Docs Sept-Nov, 2004 Mogo Media/Sony
"Rocky" DVD All DVD Docs (6) 20min Segments April-June 2004 Mogo Media/MGM
"Breakin All the Rules” All DVD Features, Documentaries Feb-March 2004 Mogo Media/Sony
"SOAPNET" (12) Promo TV Spots Aug, 2003 Seineger /Disney
"Underworld" (2) :30 TV Spots June, 2003 Seiniger Adv/Sony
"Long Weekend" Film Trailer May, 2003 Seiniger
"Holocaust Tribute" Half Hour Segment May, 2003 Safehouse
"Deep" Film Trailer / Feature Presentation April-May, 2003 Intermedia/Seiniger
"Washington Height Trailer & (2) :30 Spots April, 2003 Safehouse
“Mattel Highway35” :60 spot Jan-Feb, 2003 Safehouse/ Mattel
"311" PPV Concert & Behind the Scenes Dec, 2002 Warner Bros
"Star Dates" Various Episodes Oct-Dec, 2002 E Entertainment
"Inside LA" Half hour Pilot Oct, 2002 Inside LA Ent.
"Harold Lloyd Tribute” TV Special Summer 2002 TCM Channel
"AIS" Car Racing Promo Summer 2002 ESPN
“Linkin Park" Concert & Behind the Scenes Spring 2002 Warner Bros.
"Crystal Method” Concert & Behind the Scenes Spring 2002 Warner Bros.
"P.O.D." Concert & Behind the Scenes Spring 2002 Warner Bros.
"Intel Australia" Industrial/Corporate Video August 2002 Intel
"Welcome to Middle Earth” TV Special “Lord of the Rings” 2001-2002 Sci Fi /New Line
Post Production Skills:
Knowledge of Aesthetic, Technical, and Realistic Process of Editing and Post Prod From Start to Finish,
Scripted or Unscripted, Supervised or Unsupervised. Major Strengths in cutting with music, recreating storylines in the edit.
Avid and Final Cut

Sci Fi Channel Bernadette McDaid/ exec producer 646-641-8633
Peacock Productions Elizabeth Fischer/ exec producer 914-450-7182
BBC Productions Nigel Bellis/Ginnie Hill Exec Producers 212-974-9050
Mogo Media Michael Gillis/Creative Producer 323-816-6000
Original Media Andrew Bowler/Segment Producer 917-723-9146
Seiniger Adv Tony Seiniger/Creative Director 310-777-6800