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About the job

The Production Manager manages and coordinates all aspects of film exhibition and venue logistics, including digital technology, projection, shipping, contacting filmmakers, and overseeing Back of House Projection operations.

The Production Manager also assists the Film Department with venue contracts, invoices, and payments, and filmmaker attendance. Excellent communication skills and customer service/support are also a vital part of the job. In addition, the Production Manager works with the Film Department to assure the Film Program runs as smoothly and on time as possible.

The Production Manager also produces Filmmaker Packets, communicates with filmmakers before, during and after the Festival, handles filmmaker registration and sound checks, tech support and troubleshooting, and provides any other necessary information to filmmakers screening at the Festival.


The responsibilities of the Production Manager include but are not limited to:

Set up all computers for exhibition at venues
Manage the database, flow and organization of all incoming digital film files
Update the Filmmaker Packet and send to filmmakers upon a film’s acceptance
Create spreadsheets and track all filmmaker information, materials, and deliverables, including exhibition files
Schedule and coordinate equipment rentals needed at each venue and perform sound checks
Contact filmmakers when deadlines are approaching or have passed, and make sure all deliverables arrive on time
Create and collect preshow slideshows, trailers/bumpers and place in appropriate playlists
Provide weekly reports and attend weekly timeline meetings
Gather a team of Quality Checkers to ensure films play properly and meet festival requirements
Keep Film Department updated on the schedule and status of all digital transfers
Coordinate shipping logistics for all films
Generate, update and maintain shipping budget with Film Department and Executive Department
Attend all film department and staff meetings
Recruit capable Projectionist Volunteers to work during the Festival
Work with the Theater Operations Manager to oversee training and communication to all Theater Volunteers, mainly Projectionists
Oversee and be ON CALL during all screenings throughout the Festival to troubleshoot any technical or staffing issues
Serve as both tech point person before and during the festival
Oversee Registration for attending filmmakers withing Film Department
Manage all filmmaker purchases before the Festival
Adhere to and complete a predetermined timeline
Stay ahead of schedule and be preemptive with all deadlines and possible upcoming technical difficulties
Provide exemplary customer service
Provide wrap up and completion materials including but not limited to all shipping invoices, archiving of the film program and update Production Manager training materials
Commitment to the AFF Mission Statement


Must be familiar with the post production aspect of filmmaking
Must have extensive knowledge of shooting aspect ratios, presentation aspect ratios, color space, projectors, film revision and sound
Knowledge of both PCs/Mac and video and sound file format specifics, and extensive understanding and working knowledge of Final Cut and Adobe Premiere
Extensive knowledge of MS Excel
Must be able to handle high stress situations and multi-task
Must be able to communicate effectively and efficiently
Excellent time management, problem solving skills, and patience
Experience working with and communicating with a large team
Excellent interpersonal skills
Extensive customer service experience
Ability to prioritize and delegate in a fast paced environment
Must be able to list at least 25 lbs.


Current resume with at least three references
Cover letter

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