Production Assistant

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Bridgton, ME
Tuesday, June 27th - Friday, June 30th
$750 for 2-2.5 days of work
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About the job

Looking for a Production Assistant with camera experience for a promotional shoot up at Camp Wildwood in Bridgton, Maine from Tuesday, June 27th to Friday, June 30th. Actual shoot dates are the 28th, 29th, and maybe a little bit the morning of the 30th, but we will be flying there From New York City on Tuesday afternoon and flying back Friday afternoon. Candidates can be from NYC area or local to Maine (an hour outside of Portland).

Duties will include shadowing/assisting B-Cam operator/DP, working with a MOVI steadicam, making runs to dump footage, charge batteries, and providing general support to the small team (no more than 4-5 people).

Flights, boarding, and meals will be paid for in by production, and ideal candidates will have experience with an FS7 camera - won't be using it directly, but as you'll be mainly assisting a DP with that camera in hand, the more you know about working with it, the better (but absolutely not necessary in order to qualify for position...). Pay will be $250/day, not counting travel day, for a total of $750 for 2-2.5 days of work, plus you'll get to spend a couple days at a beautiful outdoor sports camp with basketball, baseball, soccer, tennis, ice and roller hockey, BMX courses, a vast waterfront, and etc.

Thanks very much and I look forward to speaking with you all soon.

-Max Rothman

Sorry but this vacancy has now been filled.