Cutscene Camera Artist

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About the job

We are seeking a talented and passionate filmmaker to join our growing team of camera artists. You will be collaborating with the team to animate and edit the cinematic cameras that tell the stories of our games. You will work both on the real motion capture set to establish the visual flow of a scene – and then fully realize it in the game’s virtual world.

* Take on the role of a “virtual” cinematographer and narrative scene editor.
* Work closely with our creative directors to realize their vision through the use of professional animation and editing software.
* Maintain an understanding of a project’s multiple storylines in order to best approach each narrative sequence.
* Maintaining high-quality visual polish of scenes throughout the project’s lifetime.
* Be willing to work through the creative and technical hurdles of an ever evolving, intense work space.

Provide a Reel and resume demonstrating impressive skills in:
* High quality camera work on a visual and narrative level.
* Video editing for narrative scenes.
* Strong understanding of composition in film.
* A solid understanding of the creative process from conception through post.
* Capable of detailed organization when multi-tasking on large projects.
* Bachelor’s Degree in Arts (preferably Animation or Film Production) and/or comparable years professional experience in games / film.
* A strong passion for video games, film and pop culture - especially related to the Rockstar Games brand.

* Working knowledge of professional editing software, preferably Avid.
* Proven ability to produce high quality camera work.
* A generally strong technical understanding of creative software: Knowledge of Autodesk’s MotionBuilder and/or Maya is a bonus.
* Punctuality and dependability.
* Strong interpersonal skills and collaborative team-player mentality!

* A cinematic reel and credits list of previous creative works is required for consideration.

Sorry but this vacancy has now been filled.