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10 X Better Music Limited is a distribution, music marketing and booking agency all rolled into one.

We book tours for bands and then promote the radio and press and retail outlets around those dates in order to raise the profile of your artist.

We believe that it is not our job to be A&R men but to get your artists music to the people who can raise awareness of your act.

We specialize in working with exciting new, up and coming acts, and with music we like.

At the present time 10 X Better can offer the following services:

- Live Venue Promotion, marketing and tour booking
- Radio and TV promotions
- Press promotions
- Internet Promotions
- Instore sales and promotions


Firstly we approach the live venue promoters with your artist music and set up a tour for your act

We then contact the radio and press around the tour dates and endeavour to set up interviews and sessions with the local media.

We contact Internet sites and internet radio stations and arrange to have profiles of your acts posted on website and obtain airplay on their radio shows.

We also service selected national press and radio people with your music.

Tour Booking

10 X Better has been running its own booking agency for over 2 years and has set up tours for many bands, check out our website www.10xbetter.com to see who we are currently working with.

With bands that come to us with an established profile in the UK, booking is obviously easier. By default, the band's profile means a promoter can book them with some reasonable expectation of a successful show.

With new 'untested' bands, it's considerably more difficult, but we strongly believe that the initial step to raising the bands profile is to make the live venue promoters aware of your artist.

Radio & TV Promotion

We formulate a radio campaign comprising radio and TV shows specifically dealing with your type of music.

We send copies of your music to relevant radio producers and contact them to gain a reaction and where possible to secure airplay, appearances, sessions or interviews.

If the artist has a promotional video, this will also be circulated to relevant TV producers in order raise profile and where possible to secure a video broadcast opportunity

Press Promotion

We devise a PR campaign and contact appropriate journalists to gain as much press exposure as possible.

We will also organise and coordinate any interviews, both on a national and regional level and place any live dates in any relevant listings magazines.

Internet Promotions

Our internet promotions team will spread the word about your band via internet chat rooms and internet radio, e-zines, blogs and news websites.

We will arrange airplay reviews and interviews and will build awareness of your band amongst music fans both in the UK and internationally, directing music fans to your official download sites.

Instore sales and marketing
NDN has been established to champion the independent music scene. We are working with both signed and unsigned bands and artists, to promote and sell physical product to the relevant record stores across the UK.
We know what's needed, and we will ensure that the labels and acts are put into the right market place and can assist in coordinating campaigns that will assist the record retailer, in selling your music.
Music week said: "By allowing acts and labels access to affordable and fair distribution NDN will be able to supply the national independent music scene with a constant stream of fresh music"
NDN Distribution has built relationships with record retailers who are passionate about new and emerging talent we will supply these retailers with music that music fans based in their area will be interested in buying


We won't make you promises that we can't keep - BUT we can ensure that our team will contact people in the media with your music in order to raise the profile of your act, and by using our years of experience, personal contacts and market knowledge make sure your music is put in front of people who like your 'style' of music, thus ensuring the best possible chances of a successful campaign.

For many years now it has been observed that a major hurdle for new and developing record labels and artist, both on national (but particularly) in the North East has been the difficulty of getting their music in to record stores across the country.

Obtaining a distribution deal with the established distribution company's can be difficult. These distributors invariably require an established sales record and a considerable promotional campaign from the labels before carrying their product.

It has proven to be far easier to create a sales history in the stores that are local to the mainly southern based distribution company's if your label is based in the same area as these company's.

The music development agency Generator has been looking at ways to resolve this problem and in the summer of this year NDN Distribution came to life. The company was formed with aid from Generator, Project North and the Tyne & Wear Partnership.

Based in Newcastle upon Tyne the company will be managed by two very experienced music industry distributors. TONY K who formed and ran Red Rhino Distribution/The Cartel and TERRY HOLLINGSWORTH who was a director of Deltra Distribution, a company that specialised in selling dance music.

They have worked with both grass roots artists and internationally developed acts, such as The Cult, The Mighty Wah! The Angelic Upstarts The Ramones, The Mission, The Toy Dolls, The Sisters of Mercy, New Order, Depeche Mode, The Wedding Present and The Smiths. They have planned, founded, developed and run successful national and international distribution and record companies, and because of this they have a detailed knowledge and understanding of how to operate and sustain these businesses. They both have had many years experience and knowledge in other areas of the music industry such as manufacturing, live booking, press and radio promotions and starting and running publishing company's and record labels
This year through the booking agency and PR company they are involved with (10 X Better) they are currently working with artists such as Metronomy, 586, The Satalites, Dan Arborise, Roger Davies and sugarmonkey; they have also worked with North East artist such as The Orange Lights, The Flowers of Evil and Greenspace. NDN Distribution would hope to be working with bands that show the same amount of talent and commitment.

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