Peter-Ben Anifalaje

last updated on 30/03/16

A very dynamic and innovative producer, composer/songwriter and performer of music. I have played Keyboards and Bass Guitar at a professional level for close to 14 years. I have worked with varying people, producers and artists and on varying projects also both on the live and studio sessions and … Read more


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How Long
Conquerors - A song I produced and co-wrote for Shereen Patrice
Song of Athens
Mondays - A song I produced for an artist called Shereen Patrice

Employment History

I am also co-producing and writing new materials for Double Edge Production Company, Norbury (clients include remixes for Shontelle, Tynchy Stryder) and also working on my own roll of clientele.

I manage a Jazz/world quartet called 4seasons Band (

I produced Esther Okunuga's Ma Sere Album in 2009

I also produced an artist called Shereen Patrice ( in 2008 and currently producing other materials and remixes for labels at the moment.

I have also composed music for numerous TV projects for the Lighthouse Fellowship, AdeOla Media, Ploomy Productions, and for Right Charlie Media (A web production company).

I worked in the past as music director for Lighthouse Fellowship,London and Faith Palace Christian Centre,Luton.

I also played keyboards with a Funk band in Guildford called Jumpstart (, also played with a hip-pop band for Detrimental Productions and play with two covers band at the moment called Clubsoul and Lovestreet Band.

I have also produced music for hip hop groups 2cs (Croydon), Oba Adepoju (London), Segzy (Nigeria), Flavourman (Nigeria) and MTN mobile telecommunications network in Nigeria.

I also worked as a Production studio assistant for the advertising company TBWA/Concepts Unit in Lagos, Nigeria for 7 months in 2003, as an Administrator for Faith Palace Christian Center, Luton in 2004 and as an Adminstrator in Property in Dulwich, Lordship Lane, London between 2005 -2006

Industry Qualifications

Certificate in composition and arranging from London Centre of Contemporary Music

(December 2006)

Diploma in Music Business (SAE LONDON 2009)


SAE Institute (2009)

Music Business Diploma

London School of Contemporary Music (2007)

Certificate in Composition & Arranging

Morley College (2008)

Certificate in Latin Piano and Percussion

Technical Equipment

AMD Athlon? 64 X2 Dual-Core Processor PC running Cubase 5, Adobe Audition v3, Reason 5, Ableton live, Soundforge, Acid Pro 5, Wavelab 6 and several Vsts.

Roland Juno D Keyboards,

Motu 828 MKII audio interface

SE2200A condenser Microphone

Shure SM58 Microphone

Samson Resolv 65a Monitors

MacBook Running Logic 8 and many VSTs

Other Skills / Additional Information

Work experience with working with large vocal groups/choirs.

I am also good at Arranging Vocals and Vocal production on albums.

Music Directing for about 10years now. Songwriting strength (especially in Gospel music and vocally driven music and others).

Artist Management and Promotions. Web & graphic design and a little of film editing.

Photography (