Marco Abbatecola

last updated on 21/01/11

18 years experience in the music industry. I explored meny aspects of the industry from forming/promoting bands, international session musician as bass player , tour manager, community musician.


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SoulFunkSecret - live at Goat Fest
bass player and band leader


marco abbatecola/ moka project
Make me happy
Searching for the love

Employment History

Tony Coleman, Marcus malone, Chiko bangs, Yes Brazil,Italian tv orchestra,
tropicalia, Rhyme & punishment. Soul Funk Secret
Endless sessions all over Europe.

Industry Qualifications

workshop music in skills


Grade 7 at kensington and chelsea college, certificate in workshop music in skills at Goldsmith university

Technical Equipment

Musicman Bass, fender 4/5 strings, hand-made.

SWR amps. PA

Other Skills / Additional Information

latin american and brasilians rhythms,afro-cuban, salsa, latin jazz