James Arter

last updated on 13/03/17

I am a freelance music producer and musician. My main client - a recording studio based on Berwick St, London - allows me to work with over 10 artists a week, all from varying genres. There I provide a full-package service: producing, song-writing and session work. It's a demanding, yet rew… Read more


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Somebody I Used To Know (REMIX) -
Andre Tajchman - 'Foe' [Ambient/Electronic]
Vaun Noir - 'Grey' [Urban/Soul/RnB]
Luke Mangold - Isn't It A Shame [Pop]
Yury Villalonga Stanton - 'Always' [Acoustic]
Ded Orse - Never Far Away [Metal]

Employment History

Sound Engineer - Music Foundry

YouTube Space, London

11/2016 - 11/2016

Assistant Sound Engineer. Live recording session/shoot - worked with; Crystal Fighters, James TW, The Manor, James Hershey, Elderbrook, Jodie Abacus - Microphone setup - Patching - Liaising with artists - Reskinning drum kit - Assisting with Dante and SSL System T


James Arter Music

2010 - 2016

Mixing / Mastering services as well as pro audio tuition.


Berwick St Studios

2009 - 2016

Mixing / Mastering of over 170 tracks in the past two years for over 80 artists, all of varying genres. Also incorporated; Arrangement, Composition and Session Work.


BA (hons) degree in Music Technology - 1st class achieved. 2 A-Levels. 10 GCSE's

Technical Equipment

Small project home studio:

Apple MacPro

RME Fireface 400

Pro Tools 11

Logic Pro 9

UAD2 Duo DSP Card

Waves Gold and CLA Compressors Bundles


Other various plugins

Neve Portico 5015 Mic Pre / Compressor

Focusrite ISA One Mic Pre / DI

Universal Audio Twinfinity 710 Mic Pre

Neumann TLM103


SE Electronics VR1 Ribbon Mic

SE Electronics SE4

Shure SM7b

Shure SM57/58

Shure Beta 58a

Other Skills / Additional Information

I'm a song writer as well as producer - with fluent skills in Vocals, guitar, piano and percussion