Marguerite Abbott

last updated on 04/10/16

Composer, songwriter, Musical Director, musician. Write themes for film/tv/radio/theatre, websites, etc. Plus songs for artists.


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Employment History

Composer and songwriter, current/recent projects include
- writing eerie themes and closing song (mix of voice, acoustic, electronic, orchestral and acoustic styles) for an independent film "White Dreams", premiered 9th July 2015,
- writing uplifting themes for an independent short film completed Sept 2015, being submitted to Cannes festival
- writing a chilled stripped-down jazz theme for a therapeutic website
- writing semi-orchestral themes and arranging for theatrical company's production of "The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe"
- writing the music, 4 themes, for an inspirational sports film (short) - "The Distance" (2015)
- writing tracks for music production companies
- writing tracks for an independent retro computer game

Written songs for artists, used in weddings etc.

Regular Musical Director for the Richings Players, since 2006 - composing, arranging themes, songs and dances.
Band leader/member of function/party band "Talk Amongst Yourselves" - see link:
Band member or duo "Still Idle" - see link:
Band leader/memeber of trio "Small Talk" - see link:
Band member of 4-piece funky rocky covers band "Cherub".
DATES 2015:
Ongoing - composer of tracks for music production companies
Apr 2016 Composer of "Tell Me Where If Fancy Bred" - for 6-part male choir (words by William Shakespeare)
Feb 2016 Composer of "Cinematic Big" (soundtrack)
Feb 2016 Composer of EDM Dance track
Jan 2016 Composer of "The Voice" for SATB choir (words by Thomas Hardy)
Jan 2016 Songwriter of "My Time" - a song for teen girls
July-Sept 2015 Composer for independent short film "The Distance"
Feb-July 2015 Composer for independent film "White Dreams" (premiered July 2015)
May 2015 Composer for independent retro computer game (in development)
Jan 2015 Composer for theme for website (theme approved, website in development)
Jan 2015 Musical Director (and composer of some underscoring music) for Richings Player's theatrical production of "The Lion, The Witch & The Wardrobe"
[Plus various private gigs]







BA Hons (class II.II) in Maths/Music from Christ Church College, Canterbury.

Technical Equipment

Use Cubase software, with Native Instruments Komplete 10 suite.

Korg SP300 stage piano, Roland Juno-Stage synth, Korg X5 synth.

Fender Mexican Strat (guitar), Vintage Les Paul-type guitar

Yamaha XP400 electro-acoustic guitar, Spanish guitars, 12-string guitar.

Kay bass guitar, ukelele, percussion.

Full PA/lights system for band gigging.