Lidia Alonso

last updated on 20/09/16

Active performer Spanish cellist has participated in festivals, as Santander International Festival, Academies as Pau Casals Academy and recordings for RNE, ETB. Also, she was a finalist in some competitions as Wilfrid Parry Prize. She has studied at Royal Academy of Music with Professors D.Strange… Read more


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EPIC Game of Thrones: Rains of Castamere (Cover)
Freestyle skating with Bach's cello suites - Andres Amoros
Miguel Bustamante - 'Quasi una cadenza'. Lidia Alonso, violonchelo
G.Cassadó Cello solo Suite
J. S. Bach Allemande Suite BWV1012

Industry Awards

2008/15 Spanish Government Award

2013 Finalist WIlfrid Parry Prize

2008/09 Marcelino Botin Award

2008 Finalist Intercentros Melómanos Competition


2015-2016 Royal Academy of Music of London

LRAM Teaching Qualification

2015-2016 David Strange (Royal Academy of Music of London)

Professional Diploma

2013-2015 David Strange (Royal Academy of Music of London)

 Master of Arts in Performance

2013-2015 Joey Crouch (Royal Academy of Music of London)

 Baroque cello (second study)

2008-2012 Iagoba Fanlo (Royal Conservatory of Madrid)

 . Bachelor of Music. Título Superior de Música [distinction]

1998-2008 Miren Zubeldia (Conservatorio “Ataúlfo Argenta” Santander)

 Título Profesional de Música [high distinction]