Jason Alder

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Jason Alder is a contemporary, improvising, and electronic musician. Originally hailing from the metro Detroit area, in 2006 he relocated to Amsterdam and has since based himself in Europe. An active clarinet-, bass clarinet-, and saxophonist, he keeps a busy international performance schedule as a… Read more


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Walton Viola Concerto 2nd mvt - Marc Sabbah
J.S. Bach Solo Suite no.3 Menuet - Marc Sabbah
Cantu l'amuri - Luciano Maio & Orchestra


A short sampling mix of some concerts I've recorded. The pieces and performers used are: -Bartok, "Contrasts" for violin, clarinet, and piano Performed by Trio Contrasten -Brahms, "Piano Quartet in c minor op. 60- I. Allegro ma non troppo" Performed by

Employment History

Musician (session)


1996 - 2016

Work as a freelance musician throughout Europe and the United States. Large Ensembles: o 2016 Amadeus Orchestra, clarinet o 2015-present London Musical Theatre Orchestra, woodwinds o 2015 Idina Menzel World Tour, bass clarinet, baritone saxophone o 2013-Present European Clarinet Association Clarinet Ensemble, clarinet and bass clarinet o 2013 Chamber Orchestra 300, clarinet o 2013 The Pale Blue Dot, clarinet, bass clarinet. Multimedia concert based on the 1990 photo of the Earth of the same name o 2010 Ostrávska banda International Chamber Orchestra, bass clarinet, ocarina o 2010 Eclectomatic Big Band, tenor saxophone, clarinet o 2010 Orkest aan de Amstel, clarinet o 2009 CvA Big Band Porgy & Bess, bass clarinet, alto flute o 2009 Insomnio Ensemble, clarinet, bass clarinet o 2009 Deutsch-Skandinavische Jugend Philharmonie und Big Band, clarinet, bass clarinet, baritone saxophone o 2008 Amsterdamse TramHarmonie Blaasorkest o 2008 Nieuw Nederlands Basklarinet Collectief, bass clarinet, clarinet o 2008 Louie's Spaced-Out Ensemble, bass clarinet o 1998-2003 Michigan State University Symphonic Band, Wind Symphony, Symphonic Orchestra, clarinet, bass clarinet, contrabass clarinet o 1997-98 Dearborn Youth Orchestra, clarinet, bass clarinet o 1995-98 Michigan Youth Band, bass clarinet, contrabass clarinet Small Ensembles: o 2016-Present Afrobeatz, baritone saxophone, transcribing and arranging. Afrobeat band o 2016-Present 528 and a Beat, baritone saxophone. Funk and soul band. o 2015-Present The Lazlo Device, saxophones and clarinets. Indie-rock band. o 2014-Present European Clarinet Association Bass Clarinet Ensemble, bass and contrabass clarinets o 2014 Novack, tenor saxophone. Indiepop band. o 2013-Present Megalodon/na, bass clarinet & electronics. A performance art duo with vocalist/poet/spoken word artist Magdalena Hahnkamper (Pfefferminz Anymalia). Winner of 2014 Lyrik Live Audience Prize from Austrian Radio (ORF) Ö1. o 2013-Present Shadanga Duo, clarinets. A flute and clarinet duo performing contemporary, and particularly rhythmically complex, music. o 2012-Present Tom Jackson / Alex Ward / Jason Alder Clarinet Trio, clarinets. An improvised clarinet trio. o 2012-Present Takedemia, bass clarinet. A contemporary jazz ensemble performing rhythmically complex compositions utilizing Karnatic musical theory, and teaching workshops. o 2009-Present Payazen, Co-founder, clarinet, bass clarinet. A klezmer ensemble combining classical chamber music aesthetics with jazz improvisation and energy. Tours to Italy, UK, Ireland, Hungary, Austria, Switzerland, Slovenia, Czech Republic, Slovakia, and Israel. o 2008-Present Magic Lantern Show Orchestra, clarinet, bass clarinet. An ensemble that improvises soundtracks to silent films. o 2007-Present Sonido 13, Co-founder, clarinet, bass clarinet, live electronic processing. A small ensemble performing electro-acoustic improvisations. o 2011 Amsterdam Collage Ensemble, bass clarinet. A new music ensemble lead by composer Yu Oda. o 2007 Jason Quintet, bass clarinet. I began this ensemble to play woodwind sextets. They continue to play as a woodwind quintet, and I join for sextet repertoire. o 2006-2008 Strange Loops, Co-founder, clarinet, bass clarinet, saxophones. An Amsterdam-based minimal classical music ensemble o 2006-Present, clarinet, bass clarinet, and saxophone. Various small ensembles for the performing (and premiering) of new works by current composers. Various jazz, and improvisational ensembles in Amsterdam. o 2005-06 Exchange Bureau, clarinet, bass clarinet, saxophone, synthesizers. A Detroit-based electronic soul-jazz ensemble. Theater, Film, and Dance: o 2016 "The Book of Mormon", bass clarinet, bari sax, , London Musical Theatre Orchestra, London, UK o 2016 "Reefer Madness", clarinet, flute, alto sax, SEDOS, Bridewell Theatre, London, UK o 2016 "Legally Blonde", clarinet, bass clarinet, tenor sax, London Musical Theatre Orchestra, London, UK o 2016 "Candide", clarinet, London Musical Theatre Orchestra, London, UK o 2015 "The Wild at Heart", clarinet, Hornsey Town Hall Arts Centre, London, UK o 2015 "Jesus Christ Superstar", clarinet/tenor saxophone, London Musical Theatre Orchestra, London, UK o 2015 "Sound of Music", bass clarinet (bassoon), London Musical Theatre Orchestra, London, UK o 2014 "Beren op de Weg", short animation soundtrack, clarinet o 2010-2012 Mono Dance Collective, onstage clarinet, improvised and intertwined music and dance. o 2011 "Pillowman", onstage bass clarinet, Theater Bellevue, Amsterdam, Netherlands o 2011 "Moeder Blues", onstage bass clarinet, Theater RAST, Amsterdam, Netherlands o 2009 "Janus", onstage clarinet, Op de Bruggen improvised dance and music project, Amsterdam, Netherlands o 2009 "Storm", onstage bass clarinet, Theaterschool, Amsterdam, Netherlands o 2006 "Oklahoma", clarinet, Crowell Opera House, Adrian, MI, USA o 2006 "Pirates of Penzance", clarinet, Chelsea Area Players, MI, USA o 2006 "Jekyll and Hyde", reeds, Southgate Community Players, MI, USA o 2006 "Jesus Christ Superstar", bass guitar, River Raisin Centre for the Arts, Monroe, MI, USA o 2006 "She Loves Me", reeds, The Park Players, Rosedale Park, MI, USA o 2005 "Sound of Music", clarinet, Croswell Opera House, Adrian, MI, USA o 2005 "Anything Goes", reeds, Southgate Community Players, MI, USA o 2005 "Beauty and the Beast", clarinet/bass clarinet/flute, Chelsea Area Players, MI, USA o 2005 "A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum", reeds, Siena Heights University, Adrian, MI, USA o 2005 "Sound of Music", clarinet, Ford Community & Performing Arts Center, Dearborn, MI, USA o 2004 "Will Rogers Follies", reeds, Southgate Community Players, MI, USA o 2004 "Seussical", reeds, Croswell Opera House, Adrian, MI, USA o 2004 "Hello Dolly", reeds, Croswell Opera House, Adrian, MI, USA o 2004 "Damn Yankees", reeds, Dexter High School, MI, USA o 2004 "Once Upon a Mattress", reeds, Adrian College, Adrian, MI, USA o 2004 "Smokey Joe's Café", bass guitar, Southgate Community Players, MI, USA o 2003 "Jesus Christ Superstar", bass guitar, Southgate Community Players, MI, USA o 2002 "Annie Get Your Gun", reeds, Southgate Southgate Community Players, MI, USA o 2002 "Robber Bridegroom", reeds, Adrian College, MI, USA o 2001 "Guys on Ice", clarinet/sax/guitar, Jeff Daniels' Purple Rose Theater, Chelsea, MI, USA o 2000 "Grease", guitar, Stagecrafters, Royal Oak, MI, USA o 2000 "Red, Hot, and Blue", reeds, Croswell Opera House, Adrian, MI, USA o 2000 "Grease", guitar, Southgate Community Players, MI, USA o 1999 "Music Man", reeds, Southgate Community Players, MI, USA o 1999 "Bye, Bye Birdie", guitar, Southgate Community Players, MI, USA o 1997 "Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat", guitar, Jewish Community Center, West Bloomfield, MI, USA o 1997 "City of Angels", guitar, Ann Arbor Civic Theater, MI, USA o 1997 "Bye, Bye Birdie", guitar, Wayne Memorial High School, MI, USA o 1997 "Bye, Bye Birdie", guitar, Ladywood High School, Livonia, MI, USA o 1996 "It's a Wonderful Life", reeds, Croswell Opera House, Adrian, MI, USA o 1996 "Three Penny Opera", guitar, Tecumseh Players, MI, USA o 1996 "Crazy for You", guitar, Croswell Opera House, Adrian, MI, USA Premieres: o 27 September 2015, Rodrigo Tascón, "VAAT", for bass clarinet and live electronics; Gent, Belgium o 13 December 2014, Thanos Chrysakis, "Fáessa", for clarinet solo; Katowice, Poland o 5 December 2014, Louis Aguirre, "Yalodde Yeyé Kari!"; Matthew Frandsen, "Shadanga Duo"; Niels Christian Rasmussen, "Three Movements"; Ivan Olsen, "Gemma"; Mette Nielsen, "Slow Race"; Li Ying Wu, "Maasklun"; Hannes Kerschbaumer, "gryet.debris" for flute and clarinet; Århus, Denmark o 15 May 2014, Kaveh Vares/André Douw- "Mens sana in corpore sano" for ensemble; Amsterdam, Netherlands o 23 November 2013, Louis Aguirre- "Toque a Oshun y Olokun" for violin, piano, flute, sax, oboe, clarinet, and percussion; Amsterdam, Netherlands o 18 June 2013, Shoko Nagamachi- "KATA" for ensemble; Amsterdam, Netherlands o 25 March 2013, Robert Ratcliffe (composition)/Jason Alder (electronic programming)- "Wake Up Call" for bass clarinet and electronics; Gent, Belgium o 12 February 2013, Louis Aguirre- "Oshún Olodí" for flute and clarinet; Amsterdam, Netherlands o 10 February 2012, Thanos Chrysakis- "Into the Distance" for solo bass clarinet; Keele, UK o 11 June 2011, Andys Skordis- "The deeper you go... The deeper you go... The deeper you go... Deeper you go... You go... You?"; Amsterdam, Netherlands o 9 June 2011, Andys Skordis- "We will always follow… where did you go?"; Amsterdam, Netherlands o 31 October 2011, Christian Wolff- "For 6 or 7 Players (Music for Merce Cunningham)", Ostrávska banda International Chamber Orchestra; Utrecht, Netherlands o 15 June 2010, Yu Oda- "The Scheme of the Sea Organ" Amsterdam Collage Ensemble; Amsterdam, Netherlands o 22 May 2010, Athenasis Deligiannis- "Adrastea"; Amsterdam, Netherlands o 13 December 2009, Andys Skordis- "Transolar Voices in an Absendminded Land"; Amsterdam, Netherlands o 19 June 2009, Yu Oda- "Like a Beautiful Woman with Dirty Clothes"; Amsterdam, Netherlands o 22 February 2009, Stefan Prins- "A Short Walk Through Time"; Jesse Broekman- "Langs Rafels"; Shiori Usui- "Tuning into Paranoia"; Graz, Austria o 11 December 2008, André Douwe & Aspasia Nasopoulou- "Psidra, for pan flute, bass clarinet, and vibraphone"; Amsterdam, Netherlands o 13 June 2008, Athenasis Deligiannis- "Lefkipi, for ensemble"; Amsterdam, Netherlands o 9 May 2008, Uri Sala- "Flow of Imagery, for bass clarinet and vibraphone". Premiere with live electronics, 13 June 2008; Amsterdam, Netherlands o 3 April 2008, Athenasis Deligiannis- "Kenegousa, alla den Exera, for ensemble"; Amsterdam, Netherlands o 6 March 2008, Francisco Castillo Trigueros- "Monólogo Fantástico, for solo bass clarinet"; Amsterdam, Netherlands o 16 December 2007, Bill Ryan- "Simple Lines, for bass clarinet and tape"; Amsterdam, Netherlands o 17 November 2007, Jacob Adler- "Swoops Down Outta Kerk, for ensemble"; Amsterdam, Netherlands o 31 May 2007, Jacob Adler- "Automata, for ensemble"; Amsterdam, Netherlands Other Noteworthy Performances: o 5 December 2014, Shadanga Duo premieres Snow Mask Composers Group, Århus, Denmark o 19 September 2014, Ultima Contemporary Music Festival, Oslo, Norway o 16 June 2012, Het Concertgebouw, Amsterdam Netherlands o October 2011, Payazen! Israel Tour, Israel o 6 September 2011, International Gaudeamus Muziekweek, Utrecht, Netherlands o Summer 2011, Payazen! Summer Tour, Austria, Hungary, Italy, Slovenia, Switzerland o April 2011, Payazen! Austro-Hungarian Tour, Austria & Humgary o June 2010, Glastonbury Festival, Glastonbury, England o 14 April 2010, International Saxophone Week, Amsterdam, Netherlands o 9 September 2009, International Gaudeamus Muziekweek, Amsterdam, Netherlands o August 2009, Payazen! Italy Tour, Northern Italy o 22 February 2009, MELE Motion Enabled Live Electronics, Graz, Austria. First ever concert using 3D motion tracking to control electronics. Broadcast simultaneously to IRCAM in Paris, and resulted in a presentation at the Sound and Music Computing Conference 2009 in Porto. o 21 April 2008, International Saxophone Week, Amsterdam, Netherlands o 6 September 2006, International Gaudeamus Muziekweek, Amsterdam, Netherlands A detailed record of performances can be found at: www.jasonalder.com/live.html Recordings: o 2014 Canvas Blanco, "Call me Lucky Fat or Skinny", clarinet o 2014 RaaskalBomFukkerz, "Vlucht van witte Raven", clarinet o 2014 "Beren op de Weg", short animation soundtrack, clarinet o 2013 Wouter Seinen, "Paraplu", bass clarinet o 2013 The Pale Blue Dot, "The Pale Blue Dot", clarinet, bass clarinet o 2011 Payazen, "Nesia Tova/Adain Chai", clarinet, bass clarinet o 2011 Payazen, "Where are my Keys???", clarinet, bass clarinet o 2010 Payazen, "Where are my Shoes???", clarinet, bass clarinet o 2009 Sonido 13, "Versorium", clarinet, bass clarinet, electronics o 2009 "Iliriana" film soundtrack, clarinet o 2008 Tatune, "Demo", bass clarinet o 2005 June Ruin, "Register.Rock.Vote Compilation", bass guitar o 2004 June Ruin, "June Ruin", bass guitar o 2002 Michigan State Wind Symphony, "Simple Gifts: The Music of Frank Ticheli, vol. 2", bass clarinet, contrabass clarinet o 1999 Spinfist, "The Epitaph Magazine Loud N Local No Frills Compilation vol. 7", bass guitar o 1999 Spinfist, "Vertigo Productions Presents: The Underground", bass guitar o 1998 Spinfist, "Money is Power...", bass guitar Courses, Masterclasses, and Workshops: o April 2014 New Music Incubator, Neringa Lithuania o February 2009 IMPULS International Ensemble- and Composers- Academy for Contemporary Music, clarinet, bass clarinet, MELE motion enabled live electronics workshop o 1996, 1998 Michigan Youth Arts Festival, bass clarinet o 1995-97 Interlochen Arts Academy summer programs, bass clarinet

Sound Engineer

N&K Music and Audio

2005 - 2015

Owner, Recording Engineer Providing live concert and on-location recording for professional and student musicians, specializing in classical and jazz music. Duties include: -Concert recordings, private sessions, CD creation, video recording and syncing, editing and mixing. -Responsible for all administrative and financial duties. -Live sound reinforcement -Marketing and advertising, including design of flyers, press kits, copy, digital imaging using Adobe Creative Suite products. Creation and maintenance of web presence social media platforms. -Music notation and publishing. -Tour and travel planning, management, and logistics. -Proficient with all DAW systems on Mac and Windows platforms. -Proficient in Final Cut, Adobe Premiere, and Vegas Pro video editing systems. º Clients include some of the major music ensembles, concert series, and individual artists of Amsterdam. º Recorded festivals of the Michigan School Band and Orchestra Association º Live sound on the 2014 Amsterdam Jazz Festival, Radio 6 on 6th stage º Countless recordings through the Conservatorium van Amsterdam º Freelance engineer for the Royal College of Music, London

Teacher - Instrumental


2000 - 2015

Music teaching: o 2015-Present Every Child a Musician, London Borough of Newham, UK. Teaching group and whole class lessons to children in years 3-8. Clarinet, guitar, flute, recorder. o 2014 Muziek Educatie Centrum, Amsterdam, NL- Clarinet o 2012-2014 Leerorkest, Amsterdam, NL. Teaching clarinet group lessons as part of the primary school curriculum for children ages 8-12. o 2007-Present Memorabele Momenten, Amsterdam, NL. Performing and teaching music lessons for children ages 0-5. o 2000-Present Private Teaching. Lessons in clarinet, bass clarinet, saxophone, guitar, advanced rhythm. o 2000-2003 Durand Middle School, Durand, MI, USA- Clarinet and saxophone

Collective Partner, Events Organizer, Sound Engineer

Antarctica Cultural Free-Haven

2012 - 2014

Collective partner in the running of an alternative cultural center which hosted events such our regular Let the Music Breathe music night, Black Circus dance/performance night, and A Journey to the West story-telling, as well as additional music nights, film nights, informational meetings, a giveaway shop, a People's Kitchen, and a neighborhood garden. Responsible for curating and organizing, or assisting with such, of the music nights, primarily the monthly Let the Music Breathe series, which ran for 3 years. Duties included bookings, promotion, acquisition of necessary gear, and hosting. Live sound engineer for all events requiring it. General bar and cleaning duties, and overseeing the giveaway shop as necessary.

Sound Engineer

Michigan State University Recording Services

2003 - 2005

Recording and live sound engineer for student recitals, band, orchestra and jazz band concerts. -Microphone setup -Recording into Pro Tools -Mixing -On-location recordings -CD creation and duplication -Live sound mixing for jazz concerts


International Clarinet Association

European Clarinet Association


2010-2014 Conservatorium van Amsterdam Amsterdam, NL

o Post-graduate study of Contemporary Music through Non-Western techniques (Application of South Indian classical Karnatic music rhythmical techniques in Western music)

o Completed all 4 years of both Classical reading and Jazz improvisation tracts

o Travelled to India in December 2012 to study with guru B.C. Manjunath

2010-2012 Artez Conservatorium Arnhem, NL

o M.Mus. “New Dutch Swing” Improvisation with Frank Gratkowski, Wilbert de Joode, and Michael Vatcher

o Thesis- Developing Interactive Electronic Systems for Improvised Music

2006-2010 Conservatorium van Amsterdam Amsterdam, NL

o B.Mus, Bass Clarinet with Erik van Deuren

o Live electronics, LiSa and Max/MSP software

o Contemporary Music through Non-Western techniques (South Indian classical Karnatic music)

o Active performer of new music with the composition department

o Improvisation

2003 Michigan State University East Lansing, MI

o Continuing education with graduate level courses

1998-2002 Michigan State University East Lansing, MI

o B.Mus., Music Performance

o Clarinet and bass clarinet study with Frank Ell

o Performed with the Symphonic Band, Wind Symphony, and Symphonic Orchestra on clarinet, bass and contrabass clarinet

o Computer music and Ethnomusicology study

o Worked as an engineer for the Recording Services department

o Deans List

1995-1998 John Glenn High School Westland, MI

o General education

o Applied English and Calculus

o Graduated Magna Cum Lauda

Technical Equipment

Mac and Windows Operating Systems

Audio recording hardware


Live sound reinforcement