Francesco Accurso

last updated on 24/03/17

I am a professional musician, producer and sound engineer. I generally work as a session guitar player, freelance sound engineer for live events and producer for artists in search of sound and direction. I currently have a residency at Floridita (Soho) in the role of Sound and lights Engineer. In 2… Read more


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Performing with Lil Jimmy Reed
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Cheltenham Jazz Fest
Ealing Summer Festival
Rocking out
The Great R&B Festival


01 Born Under a Bad Sign.mp3
03 Bedroom Floor.mp3
04 Selfish Blues.mp3
Make It Rain
The Scene feat. Lil'Jimmy Reed and Chad Strentz
01 Petra The Swedish Nanny
Not My Fault
06 Souls In Fieri
04 Starlight
01 The Blindness Of Our Kind
03 General Paralysis Of The Sane
04 Wild And Lonely Arms
02 Give Her Her Doll Back
05 St. Peter's way
01 Boomerang
02 Proximo Now

Employment History

Producer at ToneTrade Records (from 2008)
Partner at Kat&Co. (from 2011)
Sound Engineer at Charlie Wrights, Old Street (2012)
Sound Engineer at Floridita, Soho (2014)
Freelance Sound engineer at Earcandy Live from 2013
Freelance Sound Engineer at London Live Sound from 2014


Curriculum Vitae

Started his music studies in Italy with maestro G. La Monica and moved later on to Los Angeles to complete his studies with Scott Henderson, Carl Schroeder and many others at the world famous Musician's Institute of Technology in Hollywood (CA). His love for the Blues saw him share stage with the likes of Joe Louis Walker, Lurrie Bell, Mud Morganfield and Lill Jimmy Reed and open for some of the biggest names in the industry from Charlie Musselwhite to Sugar Blue.

After many
years of extensive work as a musician, he settled in London to start his own
production company and focus on writing, arranging and making records.

Sound engineering plays also a big part in his professional career, working freelance for live events and recording sessions, working with all sorts of genres and line up, from small bands to larger brass sections and ensembles.

Technical Equipment


These are the guitars I use live and in the studio: '91 Fender Stratocaster '57 reissue, '67 Fender Telecaster, Ernie Ball Music Mann (Luke), Custom Made Sanchez electric guitar, Gibson Acustic mini jumbo, Fender Jazz Bass

My Amplifiers are : Fender Tone Master, Matchless Clubman, Divided by 13, Ulbrick Verbovibe 30, I also use Mesaboogie triaxis preamp and Brunetti 1000 Preamp as additional gear in the studio

I am into pedals, most of them before the amp, and my favourite are: Roger Mayer Voodoo Vibe, Modified Dunlop Cry Baby, TS9 Tube Screamer, Matchless Hot box, Ulbrick megalodon, Crowther Audio Hot Cake, Xotic SH  booster, Hermida zendrive, T rex Delay, TC electronic nova1, Compressor Cali 76

I am also a producer with my own studio which revolves around Phoenix Audio preamps, Antelope Audio converters, top grade mics( telefunken, AKGs, shure, etc..) and ATC monitors.

Other Skills / Additional Information

I have a good understanding of mic placement and I always engineer my sessions. My work is also focused on shaping sound in the studio but also on stage and I am well trained as a sound engineer for live events.

I trained as a vocalist with fellow musician Lorena Fontana who introduced me to the way of Alexander Technique. This training is proving most useful anytime I have to work with a singer. Coaching and directing a performance are in my opinion a key factor in achieving a good performance from a singer when it comes to production.

Just as any good actor needs a good director, I believe a good singer needs a good producer who understands the way of the voice and the value of a good performance and that is what I do.