Andy Allen

last updated on 03/05/17

I am a London based composer. I have a masters in film composition from City University London and have worked extensively across a broad range of mediums (including films, adverts and live projects). I also play trumpet and sing professionally.


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Sea Breeze
Sumer Rain
Fruits Of Our Labour

Employment History

As a freelance musician I am technically self employed. I have, however, worked for a number of high profile clients including BAFTA, The National Welsh Orchestra and the London Young Persons Theatre Company (to name but a few).

Previously I have worked for City University London, the Hot House Music School and the Beinghuman arts organisation as an ensemble director, a teacher and admin assistant, respectively.


My affiliates (mostly past and current clients) include:
-VQ Juice
-National Welsh Orchestra
-Forge Master Films
-Tailored Sessions
-Big Bang Music
-Alive Network
-City University
-Hot House Music Schools
-HYBU 1000 Voices
-Love Hairdressing
-Numerous indépendant directors and projects...



Industry Awards

I have been invited as a guest artist three times to the International Association Of Jazz Educators Conference in Los Angeles, New York and Toronto respectively.


Masters Degree

Master of Composing For Moving Images with honours - City University London

Undergraduate Degree

Bachelor of Music with honours – City University London

A Levels

4 A levels, all at higher grade


10 GCSEs, all at higher grade

Technical Equipment

I have a modest home studio set up, geared towards mixing and creating tracks from sample instruments. For larger recording projects I have access to a larger, professional studio with array of industry standard equipment.

I also own a large collection of live performance gear, including a PA system (with mics), stage pianos, drum kit, guitar and bass amps etc.

Other Skills / Additional Information

My main interests outside of music are photography and cinema.

I am an accomplished photographer with a great deal of experience in Adobe Photoshop.

As a supplement to my Masters Degree I undertook a course in film-making, liaising with industry professionals.