Adriano Aponte

last updated on 13/10/17

Multi-award-winning composer and pianist, Adriano Aponte had the opportunity to study film composition under acclaimed Italian composer and conductor M°Franco Piersanti at the Accademia Filarmonica Romana (Philharmonic Academy of Rome) in Italy, working then as his freelance music assistant. … Read more


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Abbey Road Studio Recording Session - Boarding the Ark w/short movie

Employment History

Lecturer in Music Technology - Avid Sibelius

Conservatory of Music San Pietro a Majella of Naples

1/2017 - 4/2017

Teaching Avid Sibelius notation software to students from undergraduate and graduate program. Preparing the to undertake the Avid Sibelius exam to Avid Certified Training School.

Music Technology - Graduate Assistant

Berklee College of Music

9/2014 - 7/2015

- Monitoring and overseeing students’ project on a one-to-one basis - Teaching DAWs such as: Logic Pro X, Pro Tools 11, Digital Performer 8 and notation software as Sibelius 7.5 and Finale 2014 - Improving students’ orchestration, arranging and composition skills on a one-to-one basis - Improving student's Mock-up technique, going through all music libraries as standard in the film scoring field - Teaching and supervising how to build a tempo map and how to sync the music to the picture - Checking and preparing the recording sessions - Checking on Pro Tools sessions before the recording - Proofreading score and parts before the recording - Helping students with any technical problem may occur - Undertake appropriate research to be always updated on any new music technology tool - Building a good and healthy learning environment - Producing and (eventually Conducting) students’ recording sessions both in studio and in remote control - Responsible of the Lab (managing all the machines and keep the facilities clean and in order) - Attending weekly Course Team meetings with the Supervisor in order to discuss about students' improvements and behaviour and develop new ideas of teaching - Solve any technical problems that may occur in the Labs - Provide students with all the technical and motivational support they would need in their Graduate studying Program

Lecturer - Music Theory and Piano

Domenico Cimarosa Public Primary School

9/2007 - 6/2008

- Teaching children the very basics of music theory and solfege - Teaching basic skills on the piano and ear training - Teaching how to approach to the music tasks and face difficulties - Creating teamworks project, helping children to collaborate and interact - Helping the disables to be part of the group - Creating a good and healthy learning environment - Showing students the importance of music technology - Guiding students through the discovering of technological tools - Introducing software and hardware knowledge in order to make them interested to further develop their skills - Improving software and hardware in order to meet academic requirements - Looking after and maintaining studio and labs - Organize the final concert - Guide the children to the understanding of a live performance

Lecture in Music Technology - Film Scoring Workshop

Social World Film Festival

6/2010 - until now

- Selecting 6 composers from all over the globe (via application) - Organizing a 1 week workshop of Film Scoring - Teaching all the basics of Film Scoring, Orchestration, Composition and Arranging throughout technological tools - Supporting the students in the given assignment - Teaching the students how to work as a team even if they share the same skills - Teaching how to share knowledge helping each other - Working side by side with directors and producers from a parallel workshop - Helping students to interact and collaborate with directors and producers - Monitoring and overseeing the on going projects - Selecting the recipient of the award for the best soundtrack produced

Music Assistant

M° Pasquale Cannavacciuolo

9/2015 - until now

Orchestration, Arranging, Music and Score Preparation on National TV films and series.




Social World Film Festival Assiotiation


Industry Qualifications

Avid Pro Tools

Certified User

Avid Sibelius

Certified User

Apple Certified Pro

Logic Pro X

Industry Awards

2016 ISC - International Songwriting Competition

Semi-finalist in the "Instrumental" category 

2016 Prestige Music Award

Best Movie Score

2016 Prestige Music Award

Best Orchestral Piece

2016 Chandler International Film Festival

Best Music Score

2016 International Marzio Rosi Award - Composition for Screen

Best soundtrack

2016 International Marzio Rosi Award - Composition for Screen

Honorable Mention

2014 UK Songwriting Contest

Finalist for the Jazz Song category

2012 - 48Hour FIm Festival

Nomination - Best Soundtrack

2011 - Los Angeles Philharmonic Orchestra Association

Best Italian Ambasador of Music

2011 Italian Movie Award

Best Italian Young Composer

20th Los Angeles Music Awards

Instrumental Artist of the Year

20th Los Angeles Music Awards

Nomination - International Artist of the Year

19th Los Angeles Music Awards

Acoustic Album of the Year

Berklee College of Music

European Scholarship


Master of Music in Scoring for Film, Television and Video Games

Berklee College of Music

Bachelor of Music in Film Scoring

Berklee College of Music

Master of Arts in Law

University Federico II of Naples

Bachelor of Arts in Law

University Federico II of Naples