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Havas EdgeWe hired an Editor via Media Match!07/03/15
Nick Weis
Nick Weis
I got a editing job through this site.05/29/15
Laura Harper
Laura Harper
Media Match found me when i had never even heard of them! I had a a key word in my resume that got me a better job than I had even been looking for. One with lots of opportunity and expansion beyond what I was narrowly looking for. Once I am in the job market again, Media Match will be the first jobseeker site I go to for my search. It always has the best variety of jobs to choose from.05/25/15
The Media CastingI really appreciated the quality of people who applied, maybe we were lucky:)
This was a time saver, casting can be really stressful,

Thank you,

The Media Casting production team.
Sendit ProductionsWe hired two Action Shooters via Media Match05/02/15
Tusker TelevisionWe advertised and hired a Television Documentary Researcher via Media Match04/24/15
The KiNDLING LabWe hired a Director of Photography for our documentary feature via this site.04/24/15
K. Meyer
K. Meyer
Nice work. Great site.03/03/15
The KiNDLING LabWe hired two Production Assistants from this site.02/26/15
Charmed ProductionsWe advertised and hired a Director of Photography (2 Projects and a Sound Mixer via Media Match!12/05/14