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Jimmy R. Landry
Marketing, Manager, Label, Director, Composer, Business Development, Mana...
Chuck Biczak
Promotion, Director, Executive Director, Brand / Product Management, Mana...
Chuck Biczak
Business Development, Manager
Chuck Biczak
Marketing, Manager
Nicholas Stefanacci
Professor of Music, Producer, Assistant, Producer, Musician, Music Ensemb...
Seo Park
Professor of Music, Music Teacher
James Patrick
Marketing, Manager, Music Supervisor, A&R Director, Artist Manager, Consu...
Taurus Cousins
Technician, Keyboard, Technician, Backline, Crew, Audio Engineer
Taurus Cousins
Technician, Studio, Technician, Backline, Crew, Board Operator, Audio Eng...
Paul Ceglio
Researcher, Marketing, Assistant, Marketing Analyst, Booking Agent, Artis...