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Kyle Heverly

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About Me

My name is Kyle Heverly and I am a graduate of Appalachian State University in Boone, North Carolina where I received my degree in audio engineering and record production.

For the last 2 years I had been employed as the lead audio engineer at DigiTrax Entertainment Studios, America's premier karaoke company, bringing interactive music, apps and products to the web, mobile and social media platforms. Digitrax Entertainment is the exclusive karaoke content provider to Vevo’s channel on YouTube. My productions over the last 2 years have helped contribute to an amassed total of over 150 million views, resulting in DigiTrax having the most views of any independent record label on YouTube.

As the lead audio engineer I was responsible for handling administrative duties and the proper and efficient execution of assigned productions. Actions I would take to ensure this involve delegating tasks between myself, the second engineer, and musicians to complete professional quality productions on time. This was achieved though my organization and communication abilities with everyone involved, from producers from as far away England, Holland, Bolivia, and Argentina, to musicians here in Tennessee and still yet others in Louisiana and New York.

Before getting my job at DigiTrax, I was freelancing in Orlando since my graduation from collage doing live sound as a contract worker for Universal Studios and Walt-Disney World. My experience with live sound reaches back to 2006. I still do some mobile recording work.

I possess strong interpersonal skills and I understand that being a successful sound designer requires more than just the technical knowledge, but also knowing how to engage with a wide variety of clients and an understanding that recording requires teamwork. It is essential to make sure that the working environment is both comfortable for everyone and fully operational to allow the creativity to flow in order the best product to develop.

I am a savvy engineer who blends musical creativity with technical know-how. I am able to quickly establish an open and truthful dialog with team members and clients which builds a trust that helps us both achieve a high quality product. I am confident that with my years of professional experience and practical knowledge developed from schooling and working in the field, that I will be a valuable asset for your studio, live performance or mobile recording situation.

Employment History / Credits

● Lead Audio Engineer at DigiTrax Entertainment Studios June 2012 - August 2014
● FOH Engineer "Nova Duo" at Walt-Disney World May 2011- May 2012
● FOH engineer for Sunset Sidemen at Universal Studios February 2012 - March 2012
● "The Outer-Toons" studio and live show engineer March 2011- May 2012
● Assistant FOH engineer for Nova Era in Downtown Disney January 2011 -May 2012
● Chief Financial Officer of Split Rail Records 2009-2010
● 5 week internship at Echo Mountain Studios and Records June 2009
● FOH engineer Montreat Presbyterian Church 2006-2009
● FOH Gaither Chapel and Chapel of the Prodigal for weddings 2008-2009
● FOH Montreat College Spring semester graduation 2009


Music Industry Studies with a concentration in Audio Engineering and Record Production from the Hayes School of Music at Appalachian State University in Boone, North Carolina.

Other Skills/Additional Information

• Strong interpersonal skills, and an understanding that recording requires teamwork; so fostering a connection with the artist is essential to making them feel comfortable which allows creativity to flow, and the best product to develop.

• Formal education and practical knowledge of signal-flow and grain structuring in both analog and digital realms, as well as routing and effects processing.

• Knowledge of microphone choice and placement.

• Experienced with using both outboard gear and plugin emulations from Waves, Slate Digital, and FabFilter among others.

• Versed in recording, editing, and mixing using professional DAW platforms such as Pro Tools, Logic, and Cubase on both PC and OSX operating systems.

• Experienced with both digital and analog consoles in regards to their operation, function, layout, and maintenance.

• Core knowledge of acoustic science, functionality, and interaction design concepts and applications.

• Ability to think logically and analytically for quick practical problem solving in a studio or live venue performance environment.

• Willingness and aptitude to learn new concepts, procedures, and to take on assignments that will stretch my abilities into new areas of growth and development.

• Classically trained tuba player.

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Technical Skills

Post Production
Surround Sound Mixing

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