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last updated on 10/13/09

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My name is Scott Demarest.

I am interested in a position as your Coordinator, Creative Operations. I have been in the graphic arts business since the early eighties. As my career has evolved, I have always been on the cutting edge of the digital imaging revolution. My history in digital print goes back to before the graphic arts knew what digital was. Most recently, I was the manager of digital prepress including CTP at a full service graphics printing, die cutting and bindery company. I am now available immediately for this position. If needed, I can bring my own Mac system or use existing systems for this job. I am, and have always been, a hands on manager. I have always maintained my skills on the Mac, tackling the daily work and more difficult projects myself. I have an excellent eye for color and flair for design and retouching. I have a working knowledge of the Adobe CS4 Design Collection, QuarkXpress and pdf workflows. I use these programs daily on the Mac OSX platform, but can easily jump over to PC as well. I have been involved with projects from their original conception, all the way do to the classic “stop the press” the client has one last correction. I have extensive experience with both sheet fed and web offset printing. I have worked on projects as simple as business cards and black and white flyers all the way up to artwork for high-end magazines and outdoor billboards. I have experience in creating pocket folders including packaging and die cutting. I am verse in both four color and Pantone color printing as well as digital file transfer, ripping, trapping, imposition, digital imaging and proofing systems. I am currently experienced in Esko-Artworks/Nexus graphic workflows. I have also worked with many other graphic systems software and hardware. I can easily adapt to just about any system. Over the years, I have been responsible for the research, purchase and training of personnel in the use of various hardware and software programs. I am knowledgeable of most printing requirements, variables and limitations.

I have daily contact with sales and production teams. I interact with clients, creative and art directors on a regular basis. I have experience with scheduling, priorities and short deadlines. Print and graphics are in my blood. My late father was Donald Demarest, Sr VP and Manager of Print Production at Young & Rubicam advertising agency in NY from the sixties until his retirement in the nineties. Additionally, my brother works for a variable data printing company in the Midwest. My portfolio is in your mailbox or any magazine. On any given day you’ll likely find a sample of a project I was involved with.

I am looking to continue my extensive graphics career. You will see below in my employment history, I have almost thirty years of continuous experience in this field. I also feel that at just forty-five years old I am only getting started. The changes I have seen in graphics have been exciting and I welcome the changes still to come in the future.

It would be my privilege to be considered this position and I am confident I can adapt quickly to any job. Please feel free to contact me at any time. I would greatly appreciate an interview to give my detailed work experience, discuss salary and to understand more about this potential opportunity.

Scott Demarest
50 Tilden Lane
Greenlawn, NY 11740
home: 631-754-7517
cell: 631-514-1701

Employment History / Credits

Scott Demarest

Graphic Employment History:

New Horizon Graphic.- Manager of Digital Prepress
Scope of work: High-End Commercial Printing and Bindery

US Web Inc.-Manager of Digital Prepress
Scope of work: Direct Response Printing and Mailing

Cedar Graphics-Technical Director/Graphic Systems Operator
Scope of work: High-End Commercial Printing

Applied Graphics Technologies-Technical Coordinator/Lead Systems Operator/Color Retoucher
Scope of work: Commercial Printing, Publication Prepress, Advertising Agency Services

Quality House of Graphics-Scitex and Quantel Paintbox Systems Manager/Operator/Color Retoucher
Scope of work: Hi-End Color Retouching and Graphic Preparation for Ad Agencies

Potomac Graphics-Scitex Systems Operator
Scope of work: Hi-End Color Retouching and Graphic Preparation for Ad Agencies

Quality Photoengraving-Color Photographer/Customer Service
Scope of work: Graphic Preparation for Ad Agencies

Additionally, I have attended numerous graphic arts seminars, conferences and expos in New York, Chicago, Boston, Philadelphia, San Antonio, Colorado Springs and Düsseldorf Germany.

Personal info and interests:

I have recently completed my eight-year term as the Chief of The Greenlawn Volunteer Fire Department and I continue to be a New York State certified Emergency Medical Technician.
I own and enjoy classic automobile restoration and I am currently in the process of the renovation and remodeling of my home which I designed and am general contracting myself.

Thank you for your consideration,

Scott Demarest
50 Tilden Lane
Greenlawn, NY 11740

Will work in

New York

Technical Skills

Adobe Photoshop
In Design

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