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Hi, I am looking for a copyist to take the transcription for an 8 movement concerto called Tribal Music Suite (TMS).
Here's what I'm looking for: someone to take the transcription for the strings from the recording one track at a time and put all parts into score format as well as individual parts. All in Adobe, computer generated plus a disc containing the written work from the software program ie Finale, etc (for future editing and changes). Woodwinds & horns have written parts but need to be edited as per the recording.

Here is what I'll send you. A CD-ROM disc of all the parts rendered in 16bit 44.1K wav files, all in sync with a click, can be imported into an your music software program and transcribed or copied accordingly. Plus the written/arranged parts for the wood winds and brass that need to be edited; plus the written viola part that was not on the original recording but needs to be in the score.

Here is a list of the parts for the 1st movement:
Solo violin
1st violins sometimes same as solo violin
2nd violins
violas (part is written out by hand but not on recording)
cellos (this part has been finished)
dbl basses (arco + pizz)
trombones (3)
snare drum
cymble swells
pow wow drum and singers (listed in score but not to be transcribed)
wind effect (listed in score but not to be transcribed)
string pads (synth)
penny whistle
flutes (2) (already arranged/transcribed but needs editing from recording)
Clarinet (1) (already arranged/transcribed but needs editing from recording)

I will overnight a package of the 1st movement to you (no emails or mp3s) plus 1/2 of the estimated fee in check form. You can email me back the Adobe version of the parts and when complete I will send you the balance for the 1st movement and if all has worked well then it's on to the next movement. A completed score and individual parts?

Please let me know if you can help. If you think the project is too big for you or expensive for me don't write me back as that is a clear indication of lack of interest.

Sorry but this vacancy has now been filled.