HËXĖ - Edge

It's rare that a new act can make such an impact with only two tracks but vocalist Lex Stowe and producer Callum Raab aka HËXĖ have done exactly that, setting the blogosphere alight with their debut single Words and now this near flawless follow-up Edge.

The ebb and flow of Edge recounts a story of unrequited love, offering a complex narrative that conveys a steely reserve while also offering empathy to the other person/people involved.

Stowe (also the songwriter) has the remarkable ability to shift gears delivering pathos, intelligence and honest vunerability in her vocal. Raab's production, all pulsating synth beats, perfectly dropped bass lines, a subtle but impactful male BV, compliments the story. 

HËXĖ are our favourite new act around and we can't wait to hear what they do next.