FEATURED USER: Odist Abettor, Singer, Songwriter

Here at Music Match we're consistently blown away by the wealth of skilled and experienced people who use the service every day, so we thought it was high time we turned the spotlight on our members to showcase some of the great talent we have on the site.

Today, we're featuring ODIST ABETTOR, a singer/songwriter from Massachusetts. He also has experience in theatre, music performance, music recording, public speaking, fiction writing, proofreading, songwriting, and poetry.  

1) What inspired you to want to work in the music industry? 

My mother was always my first inspiration toward music as she is a wonderful music teacher who was always teaching instrument lessons in the home and encouraged me to join choirs and try out for plays and musicals. I was writing poetry since I was a little kid, but once I started to go to concerts in middle school and high school, I wanted to put those words to music and perform my original songs live. Whenever I got to see any live music, it always made me want to be up there on stage too. 

 2) How did you go about getting your foot in the door?

In college, I attended a semester-long program in Nashville at the Contemporary Music Center where we got to study songwriting, recording, live performance, and even spend a week touring at college campuses up and down the Midwest. They were really tough on us to be at our best as both songwriters, performers, and members of a group of musicians working together to make something greater than we could alone. Through that, I met some of my best friends who are now also musicians and producers as well as some cool people already in the industry. Besides that, it's mostly been a matter of playing at as many open mics and shows as I can find to get to know a local scene and connect with other passionate artists. 

3) What album and artist(s) had the most impact on you? 

The album that has impacted me most from any artist is the two-disk live album, All Points Bulletin, from Dispatch. If you want to hear the culmination of skill, experience, improvisation, energy, lyrical excellence, and a truly brilliant live show bursting through your speakers, that's the one I have to go back to time and again.  

4) Career highlight so far? 

Definitely touring with the Contemporary Music Center as it was really the first time I go to play my original music in front of these big college crowds. Before that I was always so shaken by anxiety about doing original music, but afterwards, every single time I get up to play I'm a little bit better and more comfortable. 

5) Best bit of advice for those looking to break into the industry and what to expect? 

I'm still very much starting out even though I've been doing this for a few years already. I have to have other forms of employment and support. Still, you have to remember that it's not a matter of either you chase your dreams or you do something more practical and "realistic". It's not one or the other. You chase your dreams by doing whatever you have to in order to survive while working on your daily goals. At the end of a long day, it's not ever easy to pick up your pen or your guitar or try to record, but the difference I've seen is that those who are really doing this pick up their instrument anyway. You either use your free time for your art while working or you'll never be able to make your art your work. 

6) What projects are you working on at the moment?

I'm always writing new stuff. I'm recording an EP with a producer friend of mine, Joe Casey, from down in Nashville. Since I'm in Massachusetts, it's all online correspondence using Drop-Box and email, but collaboration can create some of the best music. I'm also writing and drawing a horror/sci-fi graphic novel. 

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