José Luis Arriaga

José Luis Arriaga

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About me

Hello, My name is José Arriaga. I am an editor with 12 years experience. I believe I can contribute to your projects, I have worked both editing and assisting on short films and feature films, short and feature documentary films in addition to television and corporate productions.

My editing experience working on standard and high definition projects has proven my capacity to beat deadlines, while continually sharpening my creative editing, critical thinking, and collaborative skills. Aside from my editing duties, I'm also experienced in machine room maintenance, including a knowledge of various hardware decks, cameras, and patch bay configurations, as well output and input practices involving distinct formats and codecs for exportation and importation of media assets.

I am an Avid/ Adobe Premier CC/ Final Cut Pro 7 editor, capable of working in Adobe Photoshop, Da Vinci Resolve color correcting, Sound Editing and mixing, effects with After Effects and Motion.

I am fully bilingual in English and Spanish, including reading and writing. I have a strong working knowledge of Portuguese.

I feel comfortable working both independently and as part of a creative team, offering my excellent time management skills and ability to multi-task. Moreover my work with clients has helped me grow as an experienced editor in a professional atmosphere, this makes me a well-rounded candidate with the developed ability to spark professional, rapport driven relationships with clients and co-workers alike.

Credits and Employment History


José Luis Arriaga

Editor, "La Crisis De Hoy, El Chiste de Mañana" directed by Laura Llorens Ros. Short Film shot on Canon 5D. Adobe Premier CC. In progress. Madrid, Spain

Editor, 5 part documentary series on pre Colombian travel to the Americas and its influence by Arab and African navigation. Attached to Al Jazeera. Film shot on HD1080. Final Cut Pro. In progress

Co-Editor, “Son Jarocho” directed by Marco Villalobos. Documentary shot on HD1080. Final Cut Pro. In progress. Los Angeles, California.

Additional Editor/Post Production, “Huidas” directed by Mercedes Gaspar. Feature Film shot on HD1080p. Final Cut Pro. In progress. 2012. Madrid, Spain. 2013.

Producer/Post Production/Graphic/Composite, Noise Off Festival. Madrid, Spain. 2012

Videographer/Post Production, San Francisco, California. 2011-2012

Co-Editor, “Vielas Sonoras” directed by Nuno Magalhaes. Documentary shot on HD1080p. Final Cut Pro.2011-2012. Portugal.

Co-Editor, “Son Jarocho” directed by Marco Villalobos. Documentary shot on HD720p. Final Cut Pro. In progress. 2011-2013. Los Angeles, California.

Editor, 6 min. & 12 min. promos for Filme NET produced by Connect International. Lisboa, Portugal. 2011

Supervising Editor, Art Speak film projects in collaboration with the San Francisco Asian Art Museum’s Shanghai Exhibit. 2010


Editor, "Iran Poem" directed by Hanul Bahm. Final Cut Pro. Editor. Episode 1

Access SF TV/Streetside Stories: Editor

Iron Mountain Films: Editor. Various Projects, look under
• Under Commercials: 3rd, 4th thumbnail
• Under Spoken From The Heart: 5th, 7th thumbnail
• Under Corporate: 2nd thumbnail

Streetside Stories: Facilitator, Editor, Sound Editor, DVD Author.

Viajes Personales: Editor, Videographer and Facilitator.

Assistant Editor, assisted Robert Gordon, "Dreams Awake."

Co-Editor, "The Tracks," directed by Art Oberbeck.

Assistant Editor, assistant to Sharon Franklin, "Poetic License," directed by Mario Van Peebles.

Editor, "El Fandi," Promo directed by Stephen Higgins.

Assistant Editor, assistant to Sharon Franklin, "Quality of Life," directed by Ben Morgan.

Editor, "Pimpin Fruit" trailer, directed by Pepe Urquijo.

Assistant Editor, assistant to Sharon Franklin, "Night of Henna," directed by Hassan Zee.

Assistant Editor, assistant to Sharon Franklin, "Vanilla," directed by Joe Graham.

Editor, "Carl Holvick," directed by Josephine Sadat.

Industry Qualifications

• Experience working on Spots, PSA's, Short Films, Promos, Corporate Videos & Web based projects
• Experience in Final Cut Pro, DVD Studio Pro, Photoshop, and Compressor, working knowledge of Motion, After Effects and other Final Cut Studio applications. Daily experience in Word and Excel for organizational and management purposes of media
• Experience working with multiple formats; MiniDV, BetaSP, DigiBeta, DVD, VHS, including HD 720 & 1080 projects.
• Daily duties include: Machine room maintenance, including but not limited to working knowledge with BETASP DVCAM, DigiBETA, MIniDV, DVD, VHS decks & formats, patch bay configurations, troubleshooting edit systems, knowledge of Apple/Mac-based systems.
• Skills include the ability to problem solve and conceive creative solutions, work independently as well as within a creative team, excellent time management skills and the ability to multi-task.


Trazos A/V school Adobe Premier CC, Madrid, Spain
Apple Authorized Training FCP, After Effects Bay Area Video Coalition, San Francisco, CA
Bachelor of Arts, Cinema, San Francisco State University, 2001. Cinema major.
Fully Bilingual Spanish (written spoken)
Working knowledge Portuguese

Work In

California - Southern
New York