What do Transportations do?

The Transport Department varies in size depending on the scale of the shoot. On big budget features, the department is run by the Transport Coordinator who oversees the entire transportation requirements for the film. He or she employs one or more Transport Managers to manage the use of the support vehicles, as well as the trucks and vans used to transport equipment. Transport Coordinators also appoint Transport Captains to take charge of the travel arrangements of cast and crew. Transport Captains ensure that people are picked up at the right place, and delivered to the set on time, by private cars, mini-buses or coaches. Smaller budget films may only employ the services of one Transport Captain, who ensures that cast and crew arrive on time.

Members of the Transport Department are likely to have extensive experience of working in the transport industry, either as HGV drivers, or as private hire drivers. They must be aware of, and abide by, existing transport legislation, and ensure that their vehicles are safe and roadworthy. Each of the Transport Department roles requires good timekeeping and communication skills.

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