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What do Technical Directors do?

The Technical Director (TD) or technical producer (TP) is usually the most senior technical person within a theatrical company or television studio. This person usually possesses the highest level of competence in a specific technical field and may be recognized as an expert in that industry. The Technical Director provides technical direction on business decisions and in the execution of specific projects. He or she may be assigned to a single project, or may oversee a number of projects with related technologies. This position is often similar to that of chief scientist or chief responsible to make sure that the technicians hired, volunteering or renting the theater know how to properly use the sound, lighting and rigging equipment. It is their job to make sure the technical equipment in the theater is cleaned and safe; although these duties should be delagated to a shop or house manager. Technical Directors of theater companies are often hired to fill the role of Technical Director for productions as well, but these are two separate jobs.

A Technical Director for a specific production(s) is responsible for working closely with the scenic designer and director. It is their responsibility to determine how the scenery will be built and out of what materials. A TD will take a scenic designer's artistic draftings and create technical draftings of them. These are the draftings given to the scenic carpenters. They should be clear and have all the information a carpenter needs to start work immediately. A TD also keeps close contact with the production manager and keeps them informed of their budget's status at all production meetings.

Technical Director can also refer to the in-house chief designer/master carpenter for a smaller theater company.

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