Nurses and Medics

What do Nurses and Medicss do?

Paramedics and other paramedical staff, such as chiropractors, osteopaths, and physiotherapists, are required in the film industry at certain times. Paramedical practitioners work on an occasional basis, and must have relevant qualifications and experience in the medical field, and ideally some experience within the film or audio visual industries.

Only one Paramedic may be required on some general filming, and more specifically on low risk stunt and action scenes, usually using portable equipment, and providing his or her own transport. For higher risk stunts, or where filming takes place at some distance from a hospital, two or more Paramedics may be required with fully equipped support units, including comprehensive trauma and resuscitation equipment. Employment is usually gained via companies specializing in location medical services. The work is varied and interesting, but can involve long hours and, occasionally, night work.

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