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What do News Producers do?

A News Producer is the person who takes all the elements that have been gathered throughout the day (packages, vostos, vo's, copy stories, graphics), and constructs a newscast.

The Producer is generally involved in the morning or afternoon meeting during which the stories are assigned. The news director or executive producer will parcel out stories to the various Producers. The Producer then begins to build a newscast, adding stories and elements that will give "flow" to the program. In some stations the Producers do most of the writing, in others the anchors prefer to write their own copy. Many Producers have to edit video for their own newscast.

The Producer must keep in touch with crews in the field to find out how stories are progressing. In addition, Producers have to keep an eye on the wires and network feeds.

During the newscast, the Producer will sit in the control room next to the director. The Producer must be able to accurately time the newscast while communicating with the studio crew, anchors and crews in the field.

A Producer needs to be a strong and very fast writer and have solid news judgment.

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