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What do Location Scouts do?

The Location Scouts and other location department staff work under the location manager. Their function is to provide as many potentially useful/viable ideas and/or options as possible for review by production; often the assistant director, production manager and subsequently, the director or even the executive producer in the case of narrative filmmaking. They are responsible for heading out to various areas that could serve as possible production locations. The Location Scout may be convinced that he or she has found the perfect spot, but it's not always the perfect spot that is the most practical: when there's an entire unit to be moved into position, decisions are made about the distances involved, the availability within the schedule on that day of the stars, key personnel, special equipment, etc., etc. Each time a Scout is asked to find something, it's invariably something new and quite different to the previous assignment. Commonplace locations, let's say kitchens or public parks, are very well covered by location libraries, so if the needs are simple, why not keep the solution simple? However the world of filming (and photography) is the world of imagination, so for each new script, each new concept, there's a new question needing an answer. For example, the kitchen might need a view through the window to a swimming pool, or the script might demand that the public park has a south facing slope overlooking a lake. No matter how good library photographs may be, there will always be occasions when a location needs to be re-photographed to demonstrate its suitability.

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