Location Manager

What do Location Managers do?

The Location Manager is the person who will be liaising directly with the film production company or advertising agency, and may be working closely with the film's director, taking decisions not only about the right location, but also the logistics of making that location work. The Location Manager will be closely involved with the rest of the production team dealing with many such logistical problems and their solutions — perhaps none of which may have been known to the Location Scout when first they started scouting.

During pre-production the locations department (specifically, most likely the Location Manager himself in situations requiring the most responsibility) will have already established contact with and begun negotiation with any number of internal and external parties as may have bearing on production's ability to film at the location, otherwise known as "clearing the location", i.e. investigating and confirming availability and agreed upon fees to be paid to a location property owner or agent, obtaining a certificate of insurance, obtaining any needed film permits (may involve fees as per local requirements), distributing "resident letters" or "filming notifications"-written advice to neighbors in the area, advising same of intent to film in the immediate area (often necessary per local requirements as well as morally advisable if production's presence will impact local normal day to day activities in any appreciable way)-in general "locking down" or making sure that all details and existing or potential issues are addressed. While it is the locations department's job to anticipate and minimize any potential problems associated with a location, it is also the locations department's duty to advise other production department heads of any unresolvable problems or inherent issues that need consideration so contingencies can be planned or a decision can be made as to whether an alternate location might actually be better suited. In such case plans might be made and budget allocated for further research and location scouting.

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