Lighting Supervisor

What do Lighting Supervisors do?

Lighting Director/Supervisor is the most senior role in television lighting departments. Using the script or brief from the production team they design the specific look required for each shot. They use their advanced technical skills to realize the design and, with the help of the rest of the lighting department, to set up and operate specialized lights and accessories. As lighting is an essential part of a programs' overall design and style, this is a key creative and technical role. Lighting Directors work closely with the lighting console operator, senior electrician (gaffer) and several electricians (sparks). On single camera shoots, the Lighting Camera person often takes responsibility for the lighting, although a gaffer, working alone or with a spark, may be brought in to assist on large projects or special setups.

Lighting Directors usually work on a freelance basis; work offers are unpredictable, and planning ahead can be difficult. Early starts and long hours are often involved, and the work is intensive and can be physically exhausting. Although it may take many years to progress to this role, once established, it can be financially rewarding.

What is the job?
Lighting Directors make extensive preparations before recording days, including script reading and taking part in discussions about the style required. Planning meetings are usually held, involving the director and heads of department including the production designer, costume designer, makeup designer, sound supervisor and camera supervisor. They discuss in detail the logistics of the production, and resolve any conflicts. Lighting is influenced by a wide range of factors, including the script, the director's requirements, set design, location, camera shots, costumes, sound, and the available equipment. Following the planning meeting, Lighting Directors may prepare a lighting plan (or plot) which provides information about the position, type and color of all the lights to be used. They work closely with the gaffer, who organizes any required extra equipment and power supplies. Lighting Directors oversee the set up and operation of the lights, by instructing a team of sparks on the studio floor, and the lighting console operator who controls studio lighting effects, using equipment in the gallery (technical area). During recordings or live transmissions, any final adjustments are made as and when required.

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