Jimmy Jib Operator

What do Jimmy Jib Operators do?

Although negotiating a crane, carrying a heavy camera and a camera operator around a feature film set, or steering a remote head 100 ft above a location on a high-tech strada crane is a highly skilled job, the audience is unaware of this as they marvel at the resulting birds eye views and breathtaking cinematography. Operating these potentially hazardous pieces of heavy machinery in difficult locations, often under the pressure of hectic shooting schedules, is the job of the Crane Operator. Crane Operators normally work as freelancers, but are affiliated with one of the camera equipment facilities houses. They are usually requested by the grip, and ultimately report to the director of photography. Most Crane Operators combine work on commercials with television and feature films, and some foreign travel may be involved, involving long periods spent away from base.

What is the job?
Crane Operators are responsible for setting up and operating all cranes on film productions. This can involve working with a variety of equipment, ranging from a small jib arm, used to make slight camera movements up and down, to a massive 90 foot long crane for shooting huge crowd or action sequences. Because the equipment is heavy and potentially dangerous, Crane Operators carry a great deal of responsibility for health and safety; this is one of the few jobs on productions that involve real life risks for all cast and crew. Depending on the size of the crane and of the production, Crane Operators may work alone or with another Crane Operator, but there are always a minimum of two grips per crane.

Crane Operators check over all the equipment on the day before the crane is required. On shooting days they drive the vehicle carrying the crane to the studio or location. Working closely with the grip, they assemble the crane, and standby for any shots that require the camera to be elevated. This could involve a riding crane, which carries the camera operator and 1st assistant camera, or a pan-and-tilt head, which allows the camera to be operated by remote control and which can be elevated much higher. At the end of each working day, Crane Operators must make the crane safe for the next day, or if the crane is no longer required, de-rig it.

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