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What do Construction Coordinators do?

Construction Managers (or Coordinators) supervise the construction of sets and stages for film productions. They coordinate the entire process of set building, from initial planning, through to the final coat of paint on the finished sets. Reporting to, and hired by, the production designer, Construction Managers lead a team of craftsmen, including carpenters, painters, riggers and plasterers, and ensure that all sets are completed to deadline and within budget, and that they meet production requirements.

Construction Managers need excellent organizational and management skills, close attention to detail, an ability to see the "bigger picture" and to work under pressure, as well as an understanding of all facets of the construction process, usually acquired during many years' experience of working in the film industry.

Construction Managers are responsible for interpreting and realizing production designers' plans. They consult with production designers in order to establish the film's construction requirements. Working from production designers' plans, they establish the number of sets required, and their size, design, color and texture. Staying within relevant budgets, Construction Managers hire the carpenters, painters, riggers and plasterers required to complete the work, and negotiate their wages. They brief the heads of the carpentry, painting, rigging and plastering departments, passing on the relevant drawings and plans, and agreeing on construction methods, procedures and deadlines. Construction Managers are responsible for supervising all aspects of construction work, ensuring that it proceeds smoothly, and to strict timetables.

Construction Managers order in, and negotiate the best prices for the materials and tools required for set builds. They are also responsible for arranging the transport of materials and tools to the correct location, at the right time. A key responsibility for Construction Managers is to ensure that strict health and safety guidelines are met and enforced, in particular those that ensure the safety of crew working at heights, and with machinery; and those that dictate the requirements for the safety and stability of all the sets constructed. In addition to overseeing the construction of sets, Construction Managers coordinate the 'strike' (the dismantling of sets), and ensure that all materials are disposed of, or stored, safely and appropriately.

Construction Managers must have project management experience, and excellent leadership skills. The work is challenging and often hugely complex, and involves coordinating large numbers of staff and materials. Construction Managers should be able to motivate their staff, and inspire good work. They must also be aware of individual workers' particular craft skills and strengths.

As much of the work involves contributing to planning meetings, which may involve senior crew members, such as production designers, or directors, they need good verbal and written communication skills. Excellent numerical skills, and the ability to work within budgets are also vital. Construction Managers must also be creative and resourceful, as they often need to find solutions to construction problems while working under great pressure.

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