Best Boy

What do Best Boys do?

The term Best Boy refers to the best electrician in the team led by the gaffer (chief lighting technician). Best Boys coordinate the team of lighting technicians, and deal with all the logistics and paperwork relating to the role. They liaise between the production office and the lighting company, and relay information for the gaffer. Best Boys ensure that equipment is ordered, arrange its delivery, and ensure that it arrives in the right place at the right time. They are also in charge of dealing with any damaged or malfunctioning equipment. This is a senior lighting role, and varies according to the size of the production. The Best Boy is the gaffer's right hand person.

Best Boys have specific responsibility for liaising with other members of the production team, e.g., the first assistant director, the special effects director or the art director. On location they may liaise with the building maintenance team, or with the electrician in a particular building. It is the Best Boys' responsibility to check the lighting team members' time sheets in order to verify the hours they have worked. Best Boys issue written orders, and assist the gaffer in coordinating the other lighting technicians in the team. The work is demanding, and the hours long and unpredictable. Best Boys may work a six day week, and up to 12 or 13 hours per day.

Lighting technicians need several years working experience before becoming Best Boys, and it is unlikely that anyone would attain this position before reaching the age of 25. They must be organized, able to motivate other team members and to communicate effectively with other production departments, as well as acting as the liaison with the lighting company. Best Boys must be aware of health and safety legislation and procedures.

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