Associate Producer

What do Associate Producers do?

An Associate Producer position can often be an entry level one. Often referred to as the 'AP', an Associate Producer generally assists the producer in putting the TV program or film together. Duties may include writing, editing, organizing scripts, running the teleprompter in news casts, or helping the editor by making beat calls.

An Associate Producer needs good writing and editing skills, and may often be called upon to make simple editorial decisions when editing video by choosing the shots that match the copy. The Associate Producer will generally be required to rewrite wire copy, and may also be responsible for cueing up tapes, and making sure scripts are in order.

The Associate Producer may also pitch story ideas, help guide the editorial content of the program, assist with promotions, handle some bookings as well as manage the growing tape needs on the program. The role may also have the responsibility for assisting with the show's or film's webpage.

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San Diego, CA

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