Assistant to Producer

What do Assistant to Producers do?

The Assistant to the Producer is an administrator who works closely with producers throughout the production process. They are involved at the pre-production stage through to post production and marketing and distribution. They must be well organized, flexible, and have a good overview of the production process. The producer will determine their responsibilities throughout the production on a day to day basis. Their tasks may include writing coverage on scripts, drafting letters, making phone calls, running an office, interviewing personnel, coordinating the fundraising process, assisting with duties on and off set, liaising between the producer and the post production team, and helping to prepare publicity materials. They may also be asked to help with copyright, arranging meetings and events, and managing money. They are sometimes asked to contribute to strategic thinking in relation to projects in development.

A good Assistant to Producer can have a significant influence over the production and is sometimes given an associate producer credit. They may work as freelancers or employees of a production company. As well as excellent organizational and administrative skills, script reading skills, experience with script writing software, and knowledge of the film industry is an advantage. 

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