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Stills Photographer Rates

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Last updated: 01/17/13 13:59 (about 3.1 years ago) / Views : 1542 / Replies : 1
John Britton
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Hi, I've just completed two half days work as a stills photographer but I'm unsure what to invoice. What is my time worth? Can anyone help with this?

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Reply #1: Re : Stills Photographer Rates - Posted : 01/19/13 18:20 (about 3.1 years ago)
Brian Neubauer
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Last on about 3 years ago
As my Uncle, a fairly good business man, told me in doing my cost and invoicing -- take apart your life by breaking down all of your costs per day, ie. your rent, car, food, etc. Then calculate how much that costs you per day and and then add on a few bucks for your profit margin, usually 10% over your cost of living. Then you have your price.

I would compare that to the price of photographers around town and then take that from there. Remember, don't sell yourself short just because you wanted to keep a client, they will remember you for your work, not your prices. If you find that the client is waffling about your prices, stand firm with them but, discount as you see fit in the final invoice. For instance if your are charging $2000 for the project but they can only afford $1000, tell them in the invoice that the charge is $2000, but you've discounted it 50% for a special coupon rate or something like that.
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