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freelance producer rates

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Last updated: 08/29/08 16:24 (about 7.4 years ago) / Views : 23696 / Replies : 4
User rambler
would appreciate input on rates for freelance producers. Mostly News and magazine format, but also for corporate and other types. Does a producer with Avid/FCP editing skills (but no equipment) make more?
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Reply #1: Re : freelance producer rates - Posted : 09/02/08 16:25 (about 7.4 years ago)
User liesl
Producer rates do vary....however--day rates are about 400.00 per day (that's for 10 hours)....I've received as much as 500 per day and as low as 350.00....lower than that is cheap--and reflective of basic cable rates.
Reply #2: Re : freelance producer rates - Posted : 09/03/08 11:36 (about 7.4 years ago)
User Redbeard
It depends on the area you are working. I tend to be flexible with my rates. If I'm allowed to work from home for part of the job I'll charge a lower hourly rate and I'm honest about the hours I work. If I'm traveling for a shoot or into an office for a day, then I tend to charge a full day rate. Since I work between Philly and NYC, I have to be flexible. I tend to charge more when I'm in NYC because it takes me a lot longer to get there. With Avid and FCP experience I feel that you should be able to charge more if they're using you as a preditor.
Reply #3: Re : freelance producer rates - Posted : 09/04/08 15:17 (about 7.4 years ago)
Imua Film
User Imua Film
In Los Angeles, depending on the show, rates can vary from $ 1500 a week up to $ 2800, standard. It all depends on your experience. Day rates can be higher since they only give you a few days of work.

Having AVID/FCP skills are always good, but tend to be more useful in an Associate Producer role. As a producer, you are expected to really supervise your editorial staff, and once you dig into the editing side, you then are seen more as an EDITOR, or PREDATOR, as they like to call themselves! (Producer-Editor)

I always feel it's good to have two pairs of eyes on any show--the producer with the overall vision and the editor who can bring creative technique to achieving that vision.

Hope this helps.
Reply #4: Re : freelance producer rates - Posted : 09/09/08 15:26 (about 7.4 years ago)
Professiona Llcfilm
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Seeking producer on speculation for 16mm black-and-white film.
Rates are proportional to return on film submitted to FFW in Italy.
See web site
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