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Hiren Patel
Hiren Patel
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Here is some food for thoughts for the, thirsty for adventure, souls. So ponder upon following.
2 bikers (1 Indian Male and 1 Caucasian (white) female), treading the unbeaten paths of India, followed by a crew of 9 in 2 SUVs and another bike, going through all 28 states and documenting about 30,000+ kms of journey highlighting aspects of; ADVENTURE, CULTURE and WELFARE, ending the journey at the Navel of India, establishing a couple of world/local records (most Kilometers on a bike within a country in single journey/Highest budgeted travel series produced in India) to give a worldwide audience a precise idea of what India is today with all her ethos.
Pre-production-: March/April, 2013 Production: August/Sept, 2013 Post-production: Jan/Feb, 2014 (est.)
We are soliciting a Hostess/Biker with; some comfort with a curious mind, Zest for the open road/Outdoors, longing for exploring new Frontiers/Cultures (India), Great ability to pick up a conversation on the go, striking yet confident and sincere personality.
If this resembles to something even close to your aspirations, personally and professionally, we would like to; see some of your pics/footage/portfolio (if any for it’ll help) in action and have a chat if you are; available, personally/professionally interested, to take this dialog further. This is simply to answer tons of questions you may have and we want to assure you that even if you’re not a biker but would have no fear of getting training, bike-riding training will be provided by professionals/experts in the field.
I believe this show, if taken up by you, will not only add a feather in your professional cap but also will enhance your personal being as we are trailblazing in the local industry as well setting new standards in India for this particular Genre, whether it is the quality of the final product or every single mean of achieving these goals.
Another FYI: The Director will also be from the States
U up for it? If yes then please provide your current location, contact number and preference of time as well so that we can call promptly.
Live it up till then!

City, State: India
Salary: 50k+benefits/perks+incentives
Duration: 6-8 Months


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