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Jessica Barrett
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Star Studios LLC. Motion Pictures is looking for an experienced Executive Producer with 10+ years experiance in the Motion Picture Industry. The Executive Producer will be in charge of finding a Motion Picture Director and an Experienced Crew, who's willing to travel to Newport, Oregon for a 21 day shoot of "The Code-Breakers 2" Back in Action.
The Executive Producer and Director will be in Newport, Oregon for Pre-Production and Filming. This will take approximately eights weeks. Pre-Production will start in June 2013 and filming to begin in July 2013 The Crew will be on location for six weeks.
More information will be given to the Executive Producer who's qualified for this position.
Please E-Mail Resume and
Three Professional References to:

City, State: Camano Island, WA
Salary: $25,000.00 +
Duration: 90 days


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