eBay 'Show and Tell' Video Contest

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User zoopa
If you are someone who loves to produce short films, videos or adverts, this is definitely the competition you should be in! Ebay is hosting a video contests open to all filmmakers, with a prize pool of $20,000! The challenge is: to create informative, entertaining, and authentic videos for ten different assignments: used cars, xbox, bridesmaid dresses, maternity clothes, jewelry, refrigerator, laptop, motorcycle, patio furniture and mattress. There are 10 different assignment topics and ten $2000 awards will be given out to One winner of each assignment. Detailed information and rules are listed on our brief page. http://zooppa.com/contests/ebay-show-and-tell/brief Zooppa hosts an ongoing list of video contests for big clients. You can also check us out at http://zooppa.com/contests.


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