Award Winner TV Director/Producer Entrepreneur seeks your help/advice!

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Fanis Poulinakis
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Hello to all media-match members! 

I will try to be quick. I relocated from Athens, Greece after 9 years of an amazing career and I am considered one of the top talents in my country. I say relocated because I went to college in Califronia (Broadcasting - SF State) and I was about to move to New York city...never did because of the Sept. 11th events.  I am seeking 'desperately" your help, since I have been trying really hard on my next career step, but it seems like noone want to give me the opportunity. I don't mind starting from a lower position, even people think it is a downgrade, but I don't, since for me it was a big dream to move and live in New York city. I move after selling one of own startup companies, besides the big economic crisis, and awarded a working visa as extraordinary talent in the media. if you think you can advice me, help, meet me I will be more than happy to do so. 

A little info about me;

For the last 9 years I conceptualized TV Show formats that were big primetime hits in Greece, Spain, Italy, Directed complex live TV-Shows (12 cameras), directed the top TV-talent in the country  and also involved with digital, creating the leading News site (more than 10 million users) and the top lifestyle portal for women. 

I never stop creating ideas either for TV and Online and I have been charectirized as "creative genious" My latest onine startup was awarded #4 Worldwide by the United Nations at the Web Youthi Innovation awards. 

I have been trying really hard for 9 months but had no success. I am looking for positions either involved with directing, producing, or programming developement. 

Any help/advice will mean a lot. 

Thank you all!




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