Looking for CG Animator to Join in Next-Gren Brand Creation

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GP productions
User GP productions

With over ten years in traditional entertainment companies like FOX and cutting edge New Media startups like Maker, two producers are looking for a CG animator to take ownership in a joint venture to harness the power of both new platforms for immediately reaching an audience, including YouTube and Tumblr, and the ability to take original IP to conventional TV networks or studios. 

Our ideal partner is a self-starter skilled at CG Animation, filmmaking, and story-telling, looking to build something outside of traditional routes. 
An animator looking to create and own what they build with a strong sense of the latest evolutions in animation/modeling software and plugins including in Maya and Source Filmmaker is a huge plus. 

while this doesn't start as a paying gig, we are interested in making something work including offering equity.


If interested, tell us a little about yourself using the link below!


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