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Ralf Meyer
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I am a South African with a degree in Media Studies and Drama and Theater Arts. I have some experience in film as an actor, writer, producer and director. I want to move to the US to pursue my film career. I have tried finding work online at websites like and so forth, but with no luck. My question is: Do you guys think that I should visit LA and try my luck there? I could go for a weeks and hand in my resume at a few companies. I know I need a working visa to work there, but would it be fine if I look for work on a traveler's visa and then when I get a job offer, go back home and apply for my immigrant visa?

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User kj1
Those postings are a total waste of time. You need to be in LA to get work in LA. LA is all about who you know, not what you know or what your experience is. My advice would be to get to LA, go on craigslist and and get some free work and internships. Then meet as many people as you can on free jobs. This will lead to paying jobs.
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